PK search engine optimization network Hype who is the master

      the author has previously written an article entitled: chastity: when speculation rampant Shanghai Dragon into the clouds? The article, today to see the website below:


in recent years, the Internet "speculation" It is often seen., but you can say, every successful speculation will let a person or a website in a very short period of time quickly became popular. The effect of people as the acme of perfection website optimization Shanghai Longfeng, many Er are still every difficult, but the regular white hat techniques need a short time to achieve the desired results. The success of the network hype events can give us what inspired Shanghai dragon? The previous success can be replicated? How to correctly view the network hype and search engine optimization? Take a look at the following two recent successful website hype case.

: a case of Shanghai love his mother

      soft speculation believe we have a better understanding of the text, writing skill is to promote their own websites or.

  picture display

        what does not seem to change, I think this website is to use "speculation", this time need to hype, hype something all right, has become a means of marketing. But the purpose of speculation is to spread the effect, but not for speculation and speculation, speculation also need to pay attention to the facts. Then the Shanghai dragon Er how to hype their website, get better visibility and traffic? I think mainly through the following two ways.


: the first soft hype


      it is possible that the domain name is too shocking, speculation is a bit too. In fact, navigation website, I only know hao123. No navigation website can exceed it, this site is mainly by the popularity of Shanghai love to speculation, "the love of Shanghai, You’ll see." This sentence I want to Chinese few do not know, this domain very cow B, maybe soon out of a Shanghai love his father "," noble baby fuck"…… .

        in recent days a magical name: "love Shanghai, you don’t know, you fucking love Shanghai, sure!" the website quickly became popular. It is a "Bunker", but I now open this website found that the domain name has changed, as shown below:

case two: chastity network

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