The construction of the chain with medical website

third: get the chain through a chain of

blog for the chain, it seems to become a medical website to find means outside the main chain, open daily blog message is the largest medical websites, they blog do like viral promotion, with wide spreading net, there will be a total winning. The blog will indeed bring traffic to the site, but many owners love wrong in the evening to blog, thought it would be a blogger was deleted, but ignore the user experience, the blogger in the morning to see a lot of junk message will delete, do not give you the chance to see. So the blog to grab the first page of the message, the message content not all of the irrigation, summed up the blogger’s point of view, others see also have feelings, bloggers will not delete your message.

doesn’t remember what time to see a blog written by him in the way of her blog, said his blog to fill the medical website. Although it is a blog written by others, as a medical website owners, you have to find the construction of the chain from the medical website in the chain? How do I get to the medical website, the construction of the chain today and we talk about the tangled medical website.

medical website user experience is very important. The user experience is mainly reflected in the quiz platform, now users of their health are very concerned, everyone will go to ask some questions of information platform. As a medical web site the day you should spend a lot of time in the Q & a platform, to help others solve problems, let your users to have a high quality experience. Now add Q & a platform of the chain is not much. You can try to use the language narrative characteristics of your website, you can put up your own reference station, the answer, you really help others to solve the problem, you posted something, others must also be very interested and guide others to adopt your answer, and guide others into your website. Begging is not a simple thing.

second: by Q & a platform outside the chain

for a new station, in order to obtain the flow estimation is more difficult from the search engine, so you want a website launched to increase the chain website. The chain is to increase the chain through a chain brought to the site is very objective. Find friends chain webmasters what we should pay attention to: first, for the medical treatment of the site and their related websites. Some owners in order not to go to the PR station, so the user experience will be much lower, and the chain will not bring IP. Secondly: looking for a new snapshot, included many. A snapshot of the site in 3 days is acceptable, included to stable. Finally, to stabilize the website space, many medical stations will choose the cheaper prices of the host, do stand are more garbage, good space choice or abroad, the ixwebhosting host is an example of Chinese station (贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting.>

: first get the chain blog by

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