Shanghai dragon is a manual work as hard to rank


OK, since everyone has the ability to learn, but also have the opportunity to learn. So why the outcome is very different? For example, when we were in high school, our textbooks are the same, the auxiliary data we also very much the same, but why when the exam, scores are different? If you can understand this, you will know why some people can do up the rankings, some people can’t.

often see confused Adsense in some forums or group, to "master before the Scriptures, and those so-called master is definitely very drunby evasive, to appear very cattle. Of course, one day when they grow old when rookie, and began to walk on the road after another 13. This vicious Shanghai Longfeng trade can not develop healthy. You can know and have the consciousness to Shanghai Longfeng work, most are also would have seen a lot of Shanghai dragon in the online tutorial, or buy their own related books, some time ago Zac Shanghai Longfeng combat password has quite a lot of stock that the contact webmaster and research Shanghai dragon. In this sense, the current level of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is quite high popularity. So, why is there are a large number of practitioners do not due to the effect of

starts from the understanding of it, I think as long as not too stupid people are able to understand, and be able to select the network as the sources of income of people, probably stupid not to go, so since the choice of the Internet, have the ability to understand Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, we can rule out the basic intelligence factors effect of Shanghai dragon, of course, because of information asymmetry, leading to some owners cannot get enough knowledge of Shanghai dragon, this situation is there, but not much, because the Shanghai dragon industry has been very open, basically the common knowledge of Shanghai dragon we can find on the Internet, the premise is your heart go to.

is the application of knowledge, and can persevere every thing. I saw a student webmaster, do not understand the program, so the website is paid to someone else, but it is not what he, after a general understanding of the Shanghai dragon, in accordance with the requirements of the Shanghai dragon, the website structure itself makes some appropriate improvement, in fact to his understanding, is not perfect good, but never mind, because he worked hard. Then, every day let his classmates each gave him an article about this, every day there are dozens of the original, his profession is not large, is a product of the Taobao one day off, dozens of the original enough to support such a small industry, and every day he stick to the text in A5, Chinaz, of course, this not enough, he found a lot of the chain resources from Shanghai dragon forum, these resources most of the webmaster only to see, but he is saved, spend a lot of time every day to post top stick, he made only two things: collection of original text, and forum posts, a large number of daily continually, the his website soon at the top. < >

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