Seven methods to identify sites need to improve on

of the Internet can be said to be from the method, technology change rapidly, the application perspective, are constantly changing, just as micro-blog was at lightning speed occupy every corner of the Internet, the Internet to change quickly, if I were the grassroots webmaster still complacent, lazy, don’t know how to change yourself, then it is very difficult to beat on the Internet, like some time ago, the Sohu did not grasp the pulse of micro-blog! So for our personal webmaster, how to find their website needs to be improved? Let the author introduce seven methods of

Flash is the application of technology is very popular in the ten years ago, when the search engine is still in the brewing stage, when the flash is a website that many people worship, but now with the falsh search engine has to end up, because too many flash sites, open the speed will be slower, but also to wait until falsh complete download finished can be used, which makes many users can not wait, and the search engine does not support for falsh content crawl, your site may therefore not be known, this website natural development is not very good!

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a few years ago basically is the mainstream form of web design, but the form of reading is very bad, but also not easy to be found by search engines and included, so we should design web pages using div+css way of

two: using flashi technology to design website too much

now we are motivated by the era of Web2.0, but also everywhere share the time, if you are older users of A5, you will find that now the A5 article provides sharing features, such as sharing blog, micro-blog, SNS and so on, A5 is visible when moving, but also for our personal webmaster the application of the change of a positive response, but not to be able to use the old method of business website! Just add a share button, you can greatly improve the user experience of the website, why not

The change of

five: the site can support mobile devices

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four: the structure of the website HTML table has been out of

! site is very chaotic encoding

the Internet from a fixed node originally started as one.

if your production site is original, then in addition to designer must be a programmer, and a website design will often put a lot of time and energy, once someone quit then there would be replacing people on top, this will produce different design styles, there will be more redundant code. So your site will slowly piled up a lot of bad code, how to do, can only be pushed to again, otherwise the website operation will encounter great difficulties in the

three: the lack of sharing

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