Use the search engine to create a Taobao shop the value of the site

skills about registering a domain name, I’m here to tell you about your products, such as shampoo, then in the future Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) to prepare, then register the domain name when the best choice, at home is the best spell! Of course this words such as: Shampoo this heat must be accounted for in the domain name. Then xifashui888888 to register, the search engine is friendly to

server space 288 yuan!The

server is generally more expensive and not generally expensive, 500 a month a decent, what Zhenjiang room ah, Shantou room ah, the shop I advise friends not to rent, the rent of 6000 a year, down, to go to Lijiang tourism + affair trip, what rent rent (PS: I now! In the Lijiang sun, has been more than a month, really do not want to come back, just friends in the yard to eat grilled corn sweet potato roast fire, back here, the night sky is very beautiful, very close from the stars, that day) is blue, and the dog are here happy) – separator – >

market price is 100 yuan for three days was successful, but why record? Because the server does not record doesn’t let you put! Why are they going home? The speed fast speed fast! Home how? Answer: or for the future search engine optimization work, site access speed and it is directly related to the search engine and the weight of

, an independent website generally consists of the following parts, I will put some cost I know well marked in accordance with the habits:

!A small

actually I think this is a pick up sesame foolish mistakes, because China billions of Internet users, and every day with search engine search products, large number of Internet users understand goods to an amazing. The next article I will carefully explain the "love Shanghai index" is the user in Shanghai on a word search and the number of independent website! But this behavior can be understood, Taobao brings is the direct trading of clients, from independent websites to many just "floating cloud", in fact, you are mistaken independent website! Almost no turnover, just because they don’t believe the "cloud" independent web site credibility, and the integrity is not without a word of mouth told businessmen can reflect, then only this: the "cloud" guide to Taobao trading platform for you, so your website reflects some of the value. How to make his value maximization, even guide to the volume and the volume of parallel or even more than the Taobao

: an independent domain name 55 yuan a year


two: the domain name for the record 100 yuan

!The ?This is something

search engine included in the third post weights and I’ll talk to you with carefully



. We first make a budget! First look at the cost of building an independent website:


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