Work just for the work of Shanghai Longfeng Er how to effectively launched a new stage of the site o

first, keep a low profile learning attitude and leadership and communication supervisor timely. Whether you have the history of how brilliant, remember the new occupation field is a new beginning, the industry for different optimization strategies and operating practices is different, just after the entry we have to take charge of communication and analysis, the current site weight flow, encountered problems in the process of optimization, to carry out detailed the record for the last three months of the site optimization to do a detailed record. For example, the last three months of the way of the construction of the chain, how much is the update frequency and update the fixed cycle, first of all to be aware of this website, we want to compare their pick to take over in the analysis at the same time, and before his operation website the similarities and differences of what is, for some of the details must be documented. Second, pay close attention to all the spare time, carefully analyze the situation and characteristics of the new industry, enterprise culture, product knowledge and so on. For an optimized staff update web content is usually not in the usual thing, if the product knowledge, for enterprise culture, enterprise customers to grasp some remote after work is bound to cause low efficiency, low conversion rate of some negative factors in the work carried out early, for the analysis of corporate culture and to optimize learning the site is to start work on the first pass.

for a long time fighting in the front line of the Shanghai dragon Er, for their own before engaged in the industry will certainly have a very clear and detailed understanding of the web site keywords ranking optimization and grasp the details and will operate freely, but for whatever reason, leaving the new service club how to better job hopping, we face the optimization work the new website, what we should be specific to analysis, the author will analyze the following aspects on a job just for work in Shanghai dragon Er how to effectively launched a new site of the Shanghai dragon optimization stage.

second, analyzing the details to improve the user experience of the website weight. After completing the first basic work, the author thinks that the details of the next station optimization that we should pay attention to the second main event, including 301 jump, 404 pages, robots file check, three label writing style, use of noffollow tag, URL standard, inspection and analysis of the details of the problem, if some have a check can continue to improve, the purpose of the inspection is adjusted to meet their considered unreasonable communication, timely and competent, this time do not themselves advocate for trespassing, new people into the new work environment, avoid autocratic, all pay attention to team cooperation and consultation, after all, and then make adjustments too late. If you are a person in charge of the whole optimization work, the unreasonable places for themselves that the reform is to make snap The. Secondly, the user experience for home page details of the adjustment, such as the best home using a unified CSS format control, some table layout and text to adjust its mode and so on, the layout of the page no matter >

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