The ranking algorithm credibility as the main weight

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mechanism’s operation is very complicated and very demanding, but this is not an excuse to make mistakes, get a user’s trust is not wrong in the capital, Internet trend to go farther, not halfway confused sophistry. After all, wrong is wrong, change on the line.

search engine, a large database, the old saying that "the scholar does not go out, know everything in the world is now holding the computer at home, know all over the universe. At the same time the search engine in the service of the user, the user is to settle down the capital, all users are always Yisifumu, abandoned the user is equal to cut taxes.


One event succeeds another., after leaving the mess in smooth water who will pick up after a dangerous situation, we have to reflect on life, the mechanism of how


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to the credibility of the ranking algorithm as the main weight is desired by the user, a user will lose only the pursuit of fame and fortune, act like a mandatory corrective everybody in supervision, is to be a good supervisor. To sum up all the user’s perspective in this website is that users want to see, but also want to see the search engine, ranking algorithm is also based on the credibility as the main weight, ranking algorithm in the past will be adjusted, just adjust some vulnerability to let others loophole in the algorithm, the ranking algorithm good will of course continue.

on the Internet explosion today, digital information is the trend of the world trend, the search engine has become a mentor in our living, but one day the teacher cheated you how to do

service users, users will choose you, deceive users, users naturally won’t trust you, but Zhicuojiugai, it can also be a user, is very good, as long as the correction will give the chance is that over and over again the mistakes, so that users of the tutor paralysis.

wrote here, I want to say to the credibility of the ranking algorithm is the main weight as long as you don’t need to do these, because you are in a right direction in the development of.

people are not saints, not infallible. Zhicuojiugai, hell. The ancients said, well, the opportunity to start with a clean slate to descendants that’s not nice, is that the ancients make our mistakes to find an excuse, it should immediately become a buddha.

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