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PPCThe advantages of

PPC PPC, if there is no cost account will not appear in the search page, if the keyword price is high enough, the cost is considerable, for small and medium enterprises is indeed some burn". But there are so many companies doing PPC is? Such enterprises such as Lenovo even do promotion costs 100 thousand / month brand promotion (a kind of love Shanghai PPC).

search marketing is a big category, ranking from the station to the vertical search to the traditional auction, of course there were a variety of search mode and profit model needs more enterprises to study and explore, but either way, when it comes to search and ranking, it will have an integral relationship with the bidding. Today, I have some ideas and discuss our PPC PPC, to allow enterprises to PPC promotion have a basic understanding of.

?As everyone knows

PPC include: do not use the search engine users cannot see the effect; some keyword prices do not allow SMEs to accept; keywords malicious click.

The advantages and disadvantages of

PPC is the keyword highlight the effect in the short term; ranking position for customers to find, do not click charges and can not display; new PPC as love Shanghai web promotion and brand promotion can help enterprises and products have a full range of display.

network now have some say, that PPC is the "burning machine", that is a half from the PPC do not understand people’s mouth, there is the dragon mouth practitioners from Shanghai. So, PPC is money? How is it burn

competitive ranking is not "burning machine"

I think, if it feels in the burn, mainly to see the final results, if you burn 100 thousand to earn 200 thousand, is also called burn? The final result of PPC, not after the customer search in to see you in the first place, or more from the comprehensive analysis of the conversion rate, the need of network to promote the management of enterprises to establish a scientific view of their bidding ranking.

? The shortcomings of

NPC and CPPCC since 2011, the CPPCC members have put forward the development of the Internet search marketing and promotion of small and medium enterprises change the marketing combination proposal, search engine marketing has entered a prosperous stage of development, on the one hand search supported the development of marketing, no longer as usual was fufei; on the other hand the small and medium-sized enterprise marketing way net, e-commerce is an inevitable trend. The traditional enterprise is no ground for blame, to enter the electricity supplier, the quickest and most effective way is non search marketing.

many search engines have taken corresponding measures in the aspects of insufficient, to love Shanghai as an example, to use the search engine group, launched a promotional alliance network, people can see the love > when browsing some website

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