Why is everyone to understand Shanghai dragon

Zhao Yangang said: "everyone knows Shanghai dragon", is indeed a bit exaggerated. But this is all have certain specific range, in fact every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should be clear that your work is not only your own work. You are involved in editing, program, front-end, products, maintenance and other departments. Most of them don’t support staff, you are a kidney

the first to talk about the editor, every one of the editors can be said to be the site of the mother, more content from them. Effective experience better from their achievements. If you don’t have to go to create high quality content, and exclude the UGC collection site, how many Shanghai dragon can do work? If your enterprise itself is the editorial staff in the maintenance and production of content. Please tell her: "without her, you are not fart"! So, in order to better coordination between each other. Most of the Shanghai dragon will give editorial staff training in terms of content need to pay attention to some details of Shanghai dragon, let every one know God created you edit, not only is the content, have natural search traffic

What has affected the operation and maintenance of

product? Here are more to the user experience time hanging in the mouth of the people, I heard a lot of people have said so, of course, most of these people are in charge of the planning web page: "we can’t just in order to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, we must consider the user experience, including the bounce rate, the time on page…"… Etc., actually let them say their plan things meet what proportion of the user experience, improve the site much viscosity and is not every user for how long? It is not to say, but they said if more is your communication is not in place. You make them think in spite of Shanghai dragon will have such experience, words from their mouth. At this time, you should tell them Shanghai dragon and the search results page to search experience degree of the user, also affect the page ranking in a certain extent. These pages do not meet the needs of users, the ranking as a benefit without harm! Agree, negotiation will become more smoothly.

? !What is the

? That is the great help management server, the server is not stable can? Server security OK? HTTP status code they don’t know right? Every two or three days for IP? Don’t give you access to log search engine would you? If they don’t know more to you, when >


come to talk about technology (program, front), for them, always working hard to catch even overtime, but finally made out of a lot of things are not in line with the Shanghai Longfeng standard, so you start saving various documents written, let them change, eventually did not know there is no effect so! In order to avoid them in the project has been completed a few changes necessary. You should also make every technical people know what factors affect you in Shanghai Longfeng category. Everybody knows, you can easily, they are relaxed. The saying: "Hello, is really good

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