The website chain needs to constantly improve the party to win the long tail of the late

and within the last year according to the view of this page to the home page and has not much effect. Of course, if you do not want to record each title of the content words, there is a way to solve, it is the use of the inurl:www.***贵族宝贝 keyword instruction "to query, please look at the pictures

you see? The search engine will be arranged according to the most relevant pages of your site. This is very convenient for us to do within the chain, especially in the chain. For example, I have now found a certain long tail keywords is very important. They need the site within the chain to rush ranking. Then you can use the instructions above, to find the most relevant page on the website and the keywords. We then add the chain within the chain, this is only effective when search engines need to wait until the next big update. Because you like the website >


the first to select keywords start from our site, we must first to their site’s long tail keywords selected. Divided into various grades and ranks. Long tail keywords should be the most important thing is a link on the front page, we each published an article to write the title of this article. We refer to this convenient next to this page to add the core keywords within the chain, (here to remind everyone that the classified pages do not link, because different directory search engine will think that the correlation is not strong, the tree structure, the second is when we do within the chain have to follow don’t cross site links) in fact, this is the most basic, now I see very few people do. The general approach is to love people get a core keywords to the home page, never do the inside pages and pages of links. This is very wrong, because the first page can not let the long tail provide weight transfer, second, did not help for the spider crawling.

Shanghai dragon must have heard of the long tail theory, that is to say the core keywords to a web site to bring traffic at least not to bring more traffic than the long tail keywords, only in such circumstances the site of the long tail keywords layout and optimization is successful. Of course, this is only for small and medium-sized sites, if for large sites would be eighty percent of the traffic should come from the long tail. Visible on our website to do the long tail of how. Today would like to tell you how late in the constantly improve their site within the chain to enhance the long tail keywords ranking. In the past we see is many webmaster as long as keep an article published after no matter the page within the chain, in fact, this is wrong. Even using the method to automatically add the inner chain, the author is not accepted here. Because the internal links with chain through automatic way to do is to optimize the traces of heavy, this website is not conducive to ranking. So what to do to help our website long tail keywords ranking? Here to talk about the views of the author.

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