The new on line optimization techniques and precautions

3, a new station on the line after Links exchange. The new line should find some snapshots to update the web site to exchange links, because the new general snapshot update is very slow, about 7-15 days a cycle, so in order to let the spider crawl over, increased and included weight, try to exchange some weight high snapshot period fast link. Of course, just the website is that no one is willing to change, the only way they want, such as their own resource station.

believe that many webmaster is from scratch, do not know how to understand and master, just begin to contact the website promotion soon received a new station, there are a lot of problems in the process of new sites, once on-line 10 days loved Shanghai delete snapshot, more than 20 days after the day is very tangled stage slowly, the new station is freed, and in less than half the time, the keyword of the website two have entered the first three pages, without any regional words, this is certainly one of my previous work, it ‘Baidu’ or a gentle hand.

of course, the above three points is the premise in the domain name space is good will help you optimize the success of new domain name and space, but also has a great impact on the website promotion, if the domain name record is very difficult to do this site, then the space is not stable but also has a great influence on optimization. So if the novice webmaster do not understand the Internet search more information on this very important.

I would like to share these, if we think is that not very clear or not too good also please mention, and explore the mystery of website promotion QQ group 130817611. This paper consists of: Shijiazhuang website construction as the original, please indicate the source, please support the original, thank you.

1, a new station on the line to avoid the mass chain. A new station on the line after a period of time is not stable period, that is to say love Shanghai will carry out a full range of just the website audit. Just on the line do not rush to love Shanghai login submit entrance, because it will increase the love of Shanghai on the website of the audit, should do is to send some outside the chain, leaving high quality web site, waiting for a spider to climb, this is very good after the experiment. The new station to gradually add the chain every day, slowly increase will slowly increase the weights of the website.

the following summarizes some new optimization considerations based on the experience and lessons in the hope to all the webmaster some help, also hope to see the new Shanghai dragon Er don’t make the same mistake.

2, a new station on the line timing quantitative update the original article. Railway station should pay more attention to update the original article regularly, which helps to make love in Shanghai during the audit to the site a good impression, the latter will increase the weight of the original, at least more than half a year, because the new station in 3-6 months is very easy to appear in Shahe in order to avoid the effect, usually only work hard.

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