Google search advertising light client the decline in the quality of

in the above image, it can be found that a total of 45 links on the page, but for users, and related search results is only 5, which is 11%. The area is only 18.5% search results to the user, and only 11 is relevant, Google really makes a bit shocked.

in order to summarize the results more objective, can put Google’s "baby Docs" aristocratic "Gmail" tool links removed, and Google users "login" and "setting" were removed, then the actual effective link to the page is 18, 18 there are only 5 related links, correlation that is to say the Google search results only 27%. In other words, advertising and user required results of the proportion of nearly 4:1.


is a 13 inch screen (part of an old 15 inch screen resolution is 1280*960). The resolution of the MAC test is used in 1920*1200, usually most people will have a number of tasks, not the use of the full screen; and the search results only 535*425. It is said that Google only to 18.5% of the screen to the user, this is obviously before the ads on the customer.


technology news (Liu Xuetong) September 6th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, recently in Google technology fancier (micro-blog) made a very interesting experiment, but found that compared to Google and in 2000 changed. Google is paying more attention to advertising and search results to the area and the degree of correlation is down.

it’s hard to find the early aristocratic baby search archive page, some pictures about 2000 found in the testing process, there are a lot of advertising page is like this:

image, we can look at the area ratio below 18.5%.

in contrast to look at the correlation area over the link.


In order to improve the Tencent

recently, a technology fancier search engine test some key phrases in Google, the surprise is that the 80% page and turned out to be unrelated to the search results. With the key words of "SaaS help desk" as an example, the following is the search results screenshot:

had to admit that, everywhere page ads occupy the most prominent position.



at that time, 8:7 is advertising and the results of the proportion is 47%, the result is what we want. According to the area to calculate, the result is 7>

is the Google search results has been so

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