Four steps on doing web site keywords analysis

three, development plan and is expected to flow

two, competitive analysis

in the website optimization process, is one of the main objectives of the optimization of key words. A suitable keyword can bring good rankings in the website optimization reasonable, if not to do analysis of the web site keywords, then you do not know whether the site keywords and keyword matching, whether the effects and expected. So, in website optimization, you first need to do a keyword only, so that it can make its control flow of the whole optimization effect, but also can according to the need for timely amendment. Today I mainly talk about how to analyze a few steps of the web site keywords.

the choice of keywords, but also make a detailed analysis on the word of competition, if you do not do competitive analysis, then how do you know whether the value of the key words? If you don’t do a competitive analysis, how do you know the key competitors more so, in? The choice of keywords, we must do a good job of competition, the easiest way is to search the keywords in the search engine, see how the number of promotion, ranking on the home page of the website optimization, how to use quality row which pages optimization in the first two pages of the site, if the column page or the content page, then go beyond it comparison of the effort. But in the choice of keywords, but also pay attention to efforts to optimize the first three pages of competitors, such as the quality of the chain, the website structure and so on, these all belong to the scope of analysis of key competitive in work.


webmaster whenever the choice of keywords, the first step is to think of your keywords copied to the Shanghai love index query flow value, in fact, choose the key word method is not practical, after all, many owners think keywords, are in accordance with their own habits and knowledge Lenovo, and so the ordinary key others has been optimized for a long time so, the choice of keywords, should pay attention to the first step is to understand the situation of the industry, such as you do Taobao customer types, so we need to understand what is Taobao, Taobao guest guest role, Taobao, Taobao guest guest advantage from end, Taobao customers common promotion methods and so on, these all need to understand clearly, and then re screening target keywords, keywords that selected is the most suitable for their own optimization, after all, through a lot of data Summarize it, how to say also has some advantages.

, an understanding of industry overview Keywords


analysis not only competitive analysis so simple, but also look at these words is not suitable for long-term optimization, after all, now many words are three days after the heat had frozen, it is difficult to find out the key words of the long-term. But also need to look at the key words is sustainable optimization, such as keywords summer women, so it is necessary to analyze this keyword is suitable for optimization, can be extended to other keywords in now, such as short sleeved summer dress, long sleeved summer dress and so on, for the purpose of doing so is to the user through the search of their net short sleeved summer dress.

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