Kuang Jinhua five must help novices learn better in Shanghai Dragon

said the study must have goals, because there is no goal, we have no direction. We have to figure out why to learn Shanghai dragon, in order to optimize the company’s website or in order to optimize the business society? Or is the grassroots webmaster for oneself website optimization? In addition, we have to ask ourselves, I hope to reach a what extent? Can I order this the target and unremittingly efforts? Don’t begin to want to be experts, recognize themselves, this is our learning goals, but also our positioning.

has a goal and orientation, then the next step is thinking. The idea is a very hanging things, only to be sensed, not explained. We can be the learning to the entire process of resolution, what should I do in each stage, to achieve what effect, what time to reach. Although what you may not, but it is necessary for you to understand this process, know the process to know how to split, and the split process is a kind of thought.

is one of the most typical phenomenon is the articles, data, video tutorials or even more, which should be mastered more and more of that, in fact, just the opposite, the more heart, feel more confused, don’t know how to do, you ask any theory or what knowledge, it seems know, but in actual operation, or at a loss to know where to start, or is all what knowledge, theory all use the result to be punished. Here a little experience in Jinhua to write their own, hope to help novice friends to sort out learning ideas.

in recent years, Shanghai dragon industry fast, more and more owners and new friends to join the industry, began to study Shanghai Dragon technology, due to the special nature of this industry, making a lot of new friends can see very much of the Shanghai dragon technical articles, data, and video tutorials, but often have very much new friends in the process of learning in Shanghai Longfeng met many difficulties and problems.

study of Shanghai dragon, method is also very important.

No matter what

learning technology, practice is the most critical step. Empty talk, not theory, books teach you what must combat, combat can let you know what you can do, what you lack. Through the actual combat can reach the purpose of what is missing and what to learn, the natural result. Practical experience gained is most valuable, their practice in the process of data, experience record is also very necessary to do the practice. Without practice, you can never understand the essence of which, if you are still eating the theory, please put the books aside, to practice.

learning must have thought of

learning must have goals

learning to find some way of

learning must go to practice

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