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customers and prospects? Have many webmaster is removed from the field in anger, moved to other types of websites. The reason is that they feel that the current Taobao is not profitable, it is too difficult to maintain. Now the market is saturated, the site for such a keyword ranking hit the abyss. And, super depressed and website ranking up, click rate also improved, but the user is still looking, but did not buy meaning. But I’m trying to put Taobao in the end. I always think that the bottleneck of Taobao users is not paying attention to the user experience. Below, I will analyze from the following:

first of all, he is the most intuitive web page open speed, speed suck will let customers lose patience and. We also pay attention to whether web pages can be successfully opened or not. So, we can spend more money to ensure the performance Maiyou domain name space, will not let users enter the site would have been willing to stand site loss.

      to launch the billion, is also under the original capital. Before the line, nearly one million of the coupons were issued, just 07 of the about 500000 year old Internet conference. I heard the advertisers now every day to look at fiercely as a tiger does billion website, is preparing for a great sweep in 10.28 days to tell the advertisement billion hypermarkets.


      allow advertisers to be shopping, our advertising, stand the test.

      the buyers are ready; sellers are also entering the market recently. Million to welcome all types of sellers, brothers approach laying.

secondly, the page structure of the website should be in order, and the page layout is simple and generous. This is also caused by the user’s senses

keyword select

      are you ready? Always ready!

site is like an entity store, and we can get some insights from the real store. Like we go to the clothes shop, I have a deep feeling. That’s the choice. There are too many clothes shops, and a row is full of them. Generally, the feeling of fresh and comfortable store design must be a brand of clothes shop. And we don’t like to shop in piles of clothes. Therefore, the shop’s first feeling is still very important. Of course, the main thing is the clothes themselves. If the clothes are bad, will we go in or will not choose to buy?. Sometimes, the attitude of the clerk is also the key to our buying clothes. Accordingly, the user enters our Taobao customers, he also has the overall feeling, it will decide whether to let him in the guest inside.

avoids inherent patterns. To make an example, the dietary web site, if it was before, what may be what dishes, and now the site will consider what children like to eat, pregnant women to eat what, and so on. Changing your mind helps us find the right keywords.

when we build a website, we will determine what keywords are and add content. The guest is more clear, it needs to determine what goods. So, what are the things we should pay attention to when choosing keywords,

to create their own keywords, not say, can not, and to consider the point is that the keyword heat up will be difficult?.


generally we would like to choose a high degree of competition of low key words, but the sky will not drop pie, you need is also needed by others. This time we should consider the user, from the user’s point of view to set the keywords.


      October 28th; a new platform on line. Million – www.yigao, online advertising trading platform, a new model announced in the country.

website construction

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