At the beginning of Shanghai dragon has some need to know the law

2. then after a period of time when site, that included the home page, content page is not included, or included in the page, not included the home page. Included in or out, update the article to be included. New articles have also been included. But the amount included overall did not increase. This is normal, because you are new sites. It is the same with the new employees of the company. Love is like the same for Shanghai to submit. The candidate must have a probation period. Then look at your performance? Love for Shanghai is the same, a website should have a probation period. This period of time to see how the content of your website, will often change some elements. The content will not be useful for others like. After this period, you will Baidu preliminary approval. Would have included out, your collection will increase.

search engine changes frequently, sometimes wrong." At the beginning should understand in their minds.

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4. update snapshot snapshot delay. This is not just for some construction techniques applied by many Shanghai Longfeng sites, most of the time is the love of the Shanghai database, rather than the problem of its own web site. Zhao Sandan believes that there is no need to worry about.

1. well sites, then submitted to the search engine. What is the next thing you have to do, almost everyone knows, the need to wait for is site:www.***贵族宝贝. Love to see whether Shanghai has not included your web page, is not. Don’t worry, after submitted to love Shanghai. Every one or two days to see your weblog (general spatial support and built-in log files), see the love of spiders in Shanghai (Baiduspider) have to crawl log. If yes, then update the regularity of the waiting included out.

3. a lot of the beginning of Shanghai dragon man will be scared (I was scared by). The thing is, at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng, almost a lot of basic knowledge is hazy. Don’t know where is wrong, one day I site. That is not the first home page. Then the love inside the Shanghai input "why home site site no longer first?". You point in an answer. Write "site home is no longer the first time. Obviously, your site is down right." At that time my anxious. Worried. I’ll be right down? What is the reason? Looking for reasons. Later found not ah. My site included. Keywords ranking is no obvious fluctuation. Directly enter the domain name also found home. After consulting some predecessors. I know site no longer home first, is not necessarily the right to be reduced. A senior is replied to me: "your website site is no longer the first page. Do not indicate any problems in many cases."

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