Fat soft media for what

this article following the "why the media conference is more and more soft fire" for writing, people fear most is the continuous solution of plane of their own shortcomings, young people’s love is the highlight of their advantages, which are the two extremes of personality. You want to progress, you will break, you have to in the workplace do you want to ride, put my sword, to sharpen their own these two extremes, we can go to the end of the world, the workplace, learn to face the two extremes, learn what the solution planing yourself, what time do the show itself, in the face of their own life be neither humble nor pushy workplace.

2, negative press. Some enterprises accidentally touch a website accidentally see, there is a bad news, the general practice is to delete this, give some clear adverse effects.

night, today temporarily concluded here, if there is love friends, welcome to join the fat exchange group: 140319029 with the exchange and learning by internet. The forwarding of A5, the fat Shanghai Dragon (www.pangzi Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep the original link.

3, love Shanghai related domain. General soft Add URL, if your site in these media sites, will increase the weight of love in Shanghai, other outside is a lot of reprint and increase the content of the web site included. This is what we love above five reasons A5 investment.

it may not at the same time, when they can’t have the time, there is an even one, you will not lose. Because the soft media to a certain extent can help website promotion or marketing.

. A few years ago when the text is not very fire, all weights can output the URL, which gave Shanghai Longfeng Er will reduce a lot of work, but the existing portals and region attaches importance to Shanghai dragon, not the output weights, because now the media in a crackdown. This is a blow to the head hair media.

1, brand promotion. As the promotion of reason to release a large number of portals and places to do the next line, cast a wide net, in which place, can have the harvest.

Four aspects of

so, so, so Shanghai dragon. Today the fat in order to media identity, and the effect of the soft media track behind the story, going on media marketing for what is

4, the weight of ?

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