Empirical analysis what qualities do Shanghai dragon

time flies, Qiazhiyisuan do Shanghai dragon is not short of time, during this period also saw a lot of knowledge about the Shanghai dragon, do a lot of combat keywords ranking, overall, the Shanghai dragon and the dependence of the increasingly deep feelings. From the main page just opened the title, later on, to the layout of the page within the chain, to change the long tail, some of the columns are every little bit accumulation, feeling Shanghai Longfeng learning can not be instant success, also need to understand in practice. As a webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER, to what kind of conditions can put their Shanghai dragon

first, how to understand some program

do? can not work not completed


understand some of the program in the first place, because for a large website, SE for website crawling not only in a small number of pages, so there is a problem with the site itself leads to repeated SE crawl or included not to, then you need to make adjustments, the program for another, website, so need to upgrade considering the factors of Shanghai dragon. If you know how to solve the program, many articles are very block, can do the best to the greatest extent. Otherwise, the program on the search engine to suck it will let us do Shanghai Longfeng discount.

tool is not terrible, is not afraid to use. In simple terms, CMS is a simple tool, now many webmaster use CMS website, and the performance is good. In addition to CMS, there are a lot of tools we must learn to use, such as webmaster query tool, group tools, various batch script etc.. For many webmaster tools group, is not optimistic, which is mainly used for the sake of you over, if used properly, will have a lot of time. For batch script, sometimes also need skilled use, especially large sites, sometimes need to bulk import and export, add or delete, use these scripts can reduce a lot of work.


second, using the tool

many webmaster do not worry to Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking, with emphasis on the overall site right and tail mining, as the Shanghai dragon ranking, we all know that takes time, so we cannot persist finally cannot realize the Shanghai Dragon Charm, also cannot realize the Shanghai dragon technique is effective. Do webmaster > healthy

Why did

for small and large web sites, two different angles, depending on the basis of Shanghai Dragon technology is also different. Some small sites even if the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng foundation is not strict, included not too much influence, because the page itself is too small, does not embody the importance of the Shanghai based phoenix. But for large sites, do not pay attention to the basis of the Shanghai dragon is a large number of pages not included, directly cause a very big impact on traffic. So, Shanghai Dragon technology must be solid, so as to lay a solid foundation for high flow site.

third, Shanghai Dragon technology must be solid

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