How do the chain of health

two common link of the site is to have a relationship, and friends to make those and their close friends character, so the website is like this, like my site is doing the lottery software development, I added to Links and lottery, the related software, so try to for those and myself the same, even if his weight to low to do.

lottery software development site outside the chain there was growth of 10 a day, but in a sudden increase of 100 this unstable growth will be the love of Shanghai considered cheating, this is easy to be reduced permissions, so to do outside the chain of stable growth.


, the chain do not focus on

we all know the chain for the importance of Shanghai dragon, we are wrong to think that the chain is the site to send links to OK, but it will be really OK? Simply send links such a large extent is to let a lot of people not to return, because the definition of foreign chain search engine the user is really recommended on this page, then we should be how to do it, I experience from the optimization of lottery software development site to give you some suggestions.

Don’t let me

four, the chain had sent their own

buy the chain although there are benefits, can be ranked rapid increase, but there are many disadvantages, besides love such as Shanghai search engine for the purchase of the chain is not love, so the lottery software development website is not to buy the chain.

seven, IP

five, the chain can not buy

with a IP chain not too much to do, otherwise the search engine will be targeted, so.

chain increased as a result of optimization is excessive, I do Links, I won’t do in my lottery software development keywords in the increase, such as if you steal something also labeled you steal the label. Do you like to do the usual link link. This link is the best effect.

two, the weight of the site to do

six, the chain had better not

for the chain weight high not excessive pursuit, because not all the chain can achieve high quality, to achieve the nature of the chain, the new website he is from the high weight of the old site from the low ranking, the only way I lottery software development sites to be able to get good rankings in Shanghai love search engine.

when I did the lottery software development site outside the chain chain will all concentrate on our website home page, the chain must also be on the navigation page, the lottery software development website second nights third pages in the content page, the anchor text, I also have friends of the chain chain.


three, the chain to the steady growth of the

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