Add website article is not copy code after the website is normal

but do so long I need to know the Shanghai dragon search engine, after all their own blog weight is not very high. It took nearly 1 hours, through the search engine the site inquiry found that the article was collected (below). Such a fact that adding "website article being copied the code in the website code and will not affect the site included the.


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this paper, from the Tang Dynasty 517: 贵族宝贝tc517贵族宝贝 original welcome to reprint reprint please indicate the original author

we all know there are many novel sites of novels are unable to replicate, today I blog for a pen name "Ming emperor paraselene" friend added "novel" module, used to publish his novel "dream" regeneration. In order to protect the intellectual property rights, the author to the Internet to find a code of the website article not copied function. But the problem, add this code will not affect the website article? By love Shanghai search, find the answer "yes" or "no" each half, while the search engine only included the label is not included in the article. Does it really affect included

in order to further clear the reason, I see some literature found: just a spider who did not add the corresponding influence of the code, the search engine spiders will identify some HTML code, remove the code content included. In fact, some relevant contents of this truth as accumulation in the website, and through setting the background color to deceive the search engine. (the user can not see the accumulation of content, but the search engine can be included in the.

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