A personal understanding and misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis


today, my colleague told me that he was responsible for the site was K, leaving only two home page and the inside pages. So we talked about some problems, I found that his understanding of the site optimization is different with me. Maybe he is a novice, there will be these errors.

training courseThis is not to say that listening to

tutorials, those useless, but if you must listen to, must have a certain foundation, otherwise they will be very confused. That sounds good, as all know, is in a complete mess. Because the audio-visual tutorial said something really is also limited to the surface.

here I just say a little one, inside and outside the chain chain industry believes that the golden ratio is 0.8:1, and he told me that according to his analysis of many stations are 1:20 or 1:15. I have to admit that outside the chain as the theme of the network world, this phenomenon is very normal. But it does not mean.

long time no system written to share things about the Shanghai dragon, about a year’s time, has been doing the work of the construction of the external links. Although doing not too happy, but also to accumulate certain resources and the release of the chain skills. Now finally made a choice, now do rankings. In this month, like a lot, but also a lot of experience, here and share some understanding about Shanghai dragon

error: love to listen to the YY Shanghai dragon

this advice is that the best is to read more books, paper books. Careful, slowly, some thought, it will form their own understanding, to become their own things.

these two days the mood is somewhat relaxed, also a little nervous. Relax because these days are in a good mood, the body has been restored, may also have relationship with the weather! Nervous because is now in the hands of the station has already reached more than a dozen, soon to sprint to the home page, but is the feeling of lack of what was very unhappy.

through communication with colleagues, I found that he seems to want to know more about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge in a short time. Code optimization, software, always thinking about swordsmen. Of course, this spirit is good, but if the foundation did not play well, excessive pursuit of some skills that will just try. Try to cheat once inadvertently, will cause bad effects on the site later, especially when love Shanghai adjusted

error three: to optimize the good standing as a reference model for

error two: follow the prescribed order to complete

my proposal was to have the heart, have their own ideas, develop their own plans to practice, do not do too much. All in accordance with the white hat to do, know what to do, why to do so, the natural means of black hat, you are far away, don’t worry more love Shanghai for our surprise adjustment.

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