Do the promotion must pay attention to love Shanghai know and Search ask the difference between

The search behavior of

is the biggest quiz to exchange platform, the platform management than any inquiry platform must strictly, the webmaster want to promote your site has some difficulty in Shanghai know love. Although the love of Shanghai is very strict audit mechanism, can curb the advertising content, but to improve the quality of QA content is not much, I often love Shanghai SOSO know and ask the two platform to promote their own websites, for the love of Shanghai to work through the examination of the answer. Basically you can explain the purpose of promotion has been reached, but the SOSO ask is not the same, even has been approved, and was selected as the best answer, the promotion you may not be able to achieve the desired results, the reason is that SOSO launched a platform to ask more benign development mechanism. The promotion of the webmaster may at any time to other users of the content covered, I personally experienced. We look at this picture that

SOSO ask for advertising review although there is no love Shanghai so strict, it is much easier to add links. May be this reason inside, that is Soso Ask the link after the jump, but not to transfer the weight, not contaminated by the chain the Shanghai dragon staff. But this mechanism can strict audit mechanism than the love of Shanghai have better effect on the quality of the content, answer can be greatly improved, even if you fall in love with the sea and then how to answer is not comprehensive, as long as is selected as the best answer can have a very good display position, but not how to SOSO, if your answer is not complete, the content is not comprehensive, even.

you see, my answer was the top to go back, so that in Soso Ask your answer on the promotion content quality must be very high. If you love to answer, want a simple answer is adopted as the best answer. Others can bring you the top down. At this point I think Soso Ask know do better than love Shanghai, because some things are needed to update the need to improve, like Shanghai Encyclopedia of the need for real-time update according to the situation, or an answer at the time may be useful, as the technology continues to be more new, now useless, that may mislead others are not the same. Then we do the promotion also need to maintain their own these problems in real time. But Soso Ask can also choose the two best answer.

general search can be divided into the following three types: navigation type search and product search and search for the three kinds of questions and answers. Do believe that Shanghai dragon’s friends and even with a promotion, then the inevitable question and answer type promotion is indispensable. Chinese’s two largest Q & a platform is a love of Shanghai know, second is search ask. As long as the questions promotion friend I believe is not let go of the two platforms, I also in the two Q & a platform for further research, found that the heavier Soso Ask the quality of content, and love Shanghai know they hate advertising.

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