How do pure text links help keyword ranking

some time ago, the line on the website, in order to lead the spider, in an article in the Journal A5 copyright plus the new link. Here, the first to thank A5 I will recommend the article to the home page, attracted a lot of visitors and get a lot of Webmaster Platform. Through the love of Shanghai webmaster tools can see the statistics of the chain can be seen, most of them are all webmaster information reproduced the chain. This is the first page, not more than a word in the screenshot, I did not deliberately do the chain under the condition of pure text. This article has reprint accounted for more than eighty percent of the chain.

recently I on a new station, because there are many other things that haven’t been deliberately done outside the chain, the article also has a no one in. It is because the chain data is not complicated, so I found a phenomenon in the 2 days before analysis, that is how to use only pure text link resources to achieve the effect of keyword ranking.


then we will now only hope that when reproduced retain the copyright for the link name to search, the results are as follows:

but we are looking for the chain resources are usually found, can send the anchor text link platform is too small, not easy to find that there are a variety of advertising, make the effect is not satisfactory, but can put pure text links to place more, many platforms can bring on the signature the web site. So a lot of resources really want to ignore? Pure text links true for keywords ranking had no effect on

Is there a

look at the link name, but also just select the one shots, is the most reprinted shows this:


? .

we all know, the chain click it is divided into two kinds, one is able to click, one can click on the. Remember 2 years ago there was a statement by the majority of people: the anchor text helps the keywords ranking, Web links and text URL can increase the overall weight of the site, including pure text. The worst effect. Some people even ignored the role of plain text.

can see, love Shanghai selected from punctuation. The link name is left after the start of the interception, we do to cater to the rules of this chain can, perhaps.

George W. Bush was the anchor text experimental effect? Because I stand and this sentence is not 10 fen. See here, I should know what is way of it. Although the word does not have any competition, can not show this is much effect, but a serious lack of resources in the chain now, mosquitoes are more small meat. But we should also pay attention to the skills, the last time I see the article:

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