From the angle of the front end explain the implementation method of the Shanghai Dragon

from the macro perspective, I think the Shanghai dragon has three of the most important rules, that is the original content and the high quality of the external links and persevere appropriate optimization.


highlights important

screenshot from 360 search (so贵族宝贝)



Keywords: lists several important keywords can not too heap >

Title: the only emphasis can be important keywords appear not more than 2 times, and on each page, title to be different, as shown below:

and reasonable

Description: the web content highly summarized here, the length should be reasonable, not too much stack keywords, each page of description to be different, as shown below:

is to build a very important link in the website, this article mainly from the perspective of front-end to explain the implementation method of the Shanghai dragon. The work is mainly responsible for the front page of the HTML+CSS+JS, and optimized these aspects will lay a solid foundation for the work of Shanghai dragon. An important content can make the search engine to determine the focus of the current page is what, to enhance web access speed can make the search engine spiders smoothly, fast, a lot of grab web content, so here I will focus on in order to highlight the important content and enhance the site speed mainly to sum up.

now search for the weight of these three items is gradually reduced, but still hope to be able to write them reasonable, just write something useful, don’t write novels here, to express the key.

In front of the


title, description keywords

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon, is the legend of the search engine optimization, optimization refers to the behavior in order to increase "in the search engine natural search results included in the number and improve the ranking position and do. I think this is a simple to say, but the operation is complicated, only to be sensed, not explained. As an engineer, do not need to be proficient in Shanghai Longfeng, but must understand it. Shanghai dragon has an invariant criterion is that it never change, because there is a heavy optimization scheme for everyone to use the same. But we can still find some basic or recognized rules for the web site of the Shanghai dragon. It is more important for us to have their own practice, to find suitable for their own effective methods of Shanghai dragon.


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