Against the Shanghai dragon Er resolutely resist don’t revel in this paper the hair of the chain

I reiterated the view: I was in view of this phenomenon, I personally do not agree with this approach.




chain, is bound to do, but we should change our original concept of quantity to seize the market, but good quality occupy website ranking. Below I said my personal for some outside the chain of view:

early in the morning I open the computer, published a paper "query as a good website optimization Shanghai dragon Er — don’t revel in the hair of the chain A5 yesterday!" included and reproduced, was surprised to find that an article is actually a boycott of my writing. I took a look at my curiosity, in which point of view is wrong, or I have sinned against this man, or deliberately looking for?

before I found that there is a very serious phenomenon, many webmaster every day. The hair of the chain, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and n (n = 10) with a platform published an article, the chain is surging, perhaps there will be a sudden rise in the website ranking, but do original website ranking, even no? Is good, but because of persistence, number of repeat, but be right down, the rational and who is to say? To love Shanghai complaints platform, now Baidu would you

I have read carefully again: "resolutely resist" Shanghai dragon Er – don’t revel "the chain", as it is this man, Dawu! Did not read my article, and impose their own ideas. This is the man you are wrong, if you respect the author’s works, please read carefully, any does not agree, can exchange or what? After all, the article only on behalf of the author’s idea! If you want to criticize the can, but please respect the author works, the author expressed the idea to be read again, say. Otherwise it is not deliberately finding fault



I have such a meaning above, I made several websites, on-line the first day included, half a month later with the webmaster tools query, BR is 1, the prediction flow is 5, from the line to half a month, the chain I do very little, but the quality is good, the encyclopedia. Until now, the site for two months, the keywords ranking has been stable in the home page, keyword index at around 100, the chain more than on the number, but also to the quality in advance, so the site has been relatively stable. If the 2013 often do new friends, you will find that the website ranking is fast, it is easy to fall

: the first chain of title is very important. If you are one of the title of the party, congratulations to you, now is the need for such talent. The title of the party, is not only suitable for the station, more suitable for the outside of the station, a good title, there will be more people to click. As an outstanding Internet webmaster, we should always pay attention to the news, when writing the title, the combination of news writing, more attractive. PS: no title >


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