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his mother is a teacher and his father has been running a small local factory. Wang Weimin has always wanted to do something himself. As soon as he graduated from college, he started the sale of agricultural products with several classmates. At that time, friends have a factory, Wang Weimin is responsible for the general agent of Wuhan, the factory’s goods pulled to Wuhan, and then push the product to the business super distribution. Because of lack of experience, the business failed 4 months later.


now, with the development of the Internet and people’s attitude towards sensitive topics such as gender, more and more open, interest products industry has already gathered "drunken breeze", "he fun" and other big ticket nuggets. Wang Weimin was the first wave of gold diggers.

but the sale of goods need to be purchased, especially if there is no local supply, the start-up funds will be greater. Wang Weimin was only twenty thousand dollars borrowed from his family, the first few times not smooth business, but also let the family for his entrepreneurial attitude of some doubt.

ten years ago, the concept of the market is not fun supplies, everyone the impression that this consumer formats has remained mostly in the narrow streets and alleys, a small window and the door of the inn "Adult supplies four eye-catching characters. People from time to time there will be in a hurry to depart the passing such shops, the naturally or half unconsciously glance at, but rarely stop, not to mention self-assured or supercilious in.

LendingClub’s total annual borrowing will double this year, compared with three times as much this year as in 2011. In October alone, the amount of money borrowed amounted to $82 million. So far, the company has paid interest of $85 million, and its earnings for the 21 straight quarter have been positive.

why is the private lending platform growing hot in the United States? As we all know, Americans are advocating the concept of "advanced consumption", how much they spend on hand, and even often brush their hands

I, dark horse Wang, January 29th,

is a natural

thinking, he finally targeted online sell things, one is that the Internet is not very developed, he also love the Internet of things, entrepreneurs have a great chance; two is his brother to do research and development background, do not worry about his web design and technology.

P2P lending is a new form of borrowing, Lending Club to seize the new pattern of the trend, the success of his own to raise 100 million dollars in financing, including Morgan Stanley’s former president John Mack is involved in the investment, and Mary Meeker joined the board of directors of Club Lending. There are also some big business names, such as Morgan Stanley’s chief technology officer, John Macllwaine and E-Trade’s senior legal adviser, Russell Elmer, who also participated in the investment. After the financing, Lending Club added 50 employees. This year, the company has a workforce of 150.

essentially, Lending Club aims to help borrowers without through the bank, directly through the Lending Club bank loan interest is lower than small loans, and borrowers can obtain loan interest higher than bank deposit interest in borrowing. In addition to the advantage of interest rates, the company offers microfinance services as small as hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, and traditional banks will not accept such small loans. At the same time, in order to be safe, in addition to the loan needs of their own good credit and other aspects of the loan requirements, the borrower can also choose according to their own needs of their own lenders to lend. In the Lending Club platform, the most common goal is credit card debt, 72% of customers are in debt to pay off the loan Lending Club personal credit card.

by chance, Wang Weimin saw an article of interest. After a market research, Wang Weimin found that the profits of this industry product is very high, a piece of money can be sold to three or four yuan. What’s more, the competition is not so intense. Through search engines, there are only a few businesses in Chongqing

then, Wang Weimin moved to Chongqing to find a job, when the communications industry has just begun to flourish, he went to a mobile phone wholesale company to work. But this experience only kept him safe for about two years.

he has done many projects, including ticket agency business and paint sales. In these two areas have been rebuffed, and found that the opportunity has been split up, Wang Weimin is quite lost.

read: "still remember years ago and you hand in hand, you are shy, dare not rise."." Wang Weimin, founder of fun network, started the business ten years ago, and this song may be more appropriate.


Lending Club has now become the largest private lending platform in the United States, and it has been reported that the company has been borrowing more than $1 billion recently. As earnings from loans and services soared, the company announced that it meant they were officially making profits. LendingClub since 2006 has been established for nearly 6 years, until last year, the company more than 80 thousand of the borrower to repay the debt at the same time, there are more than 45000 investors benefit in its lending, the average income in the amount of about 5.7% to 13% gold investment.

Wang Weimin early school, than his peers precocious, teenage buy Carnegie complete works, read financial newspapers, mention business, famous always gush.

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