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, 20click and other projects, why do we often can not resist it, that is, its propaganda is on the "profitable friends" want to make money quickly idea, coupled with the beginning of it is indeed paid on time. Coupled with its Alipay through certification, Alipay take payment. For a time. Everyone’s suspicions were dispelled, and they quickly poured money into it, thinking that the more they threw, the more they made. As a result, a lot of money goes into it. Well, just this time? Do not at this time when. So 20click started, claiming hacker attacks, database destruction. And announced a detailed solution. All the fuss. So, including me, I believe it. 20click is believed to be actively solving the problem. After the settlement, everything will be restored as before, we still make big profits. Little imagine, looking forward to the stars looking forward to the moon, until its re opened the day, even the site can not open. At this point, everyone realized that 20click was gone. In a very clever way to disguise everyone fooled. With a huge amount of money left.

in the plays of Shakespeare, the king often there will be some close aides: King Lear around the loyal Kent good crafty wooll Xi cardinal Henry VIII ‘side side, Olympic flag officer Iagu…… A king, no matter how powerful, how powerful, can not single-handed hit the world, sitting jiangshan. Of course, in which is regarded as the right-hand man, there are several doesn’t deserve the honor and trust for example, Iago and Woolwich Xi cardinal.

in "King Lear" in a play, Lear away on his loyalty to the Earl of Kent and eventually lead to bad luck, Shakespeare wanted to use the persuasive example to tell leaders a truth: do not listen to the words of loyal, suffer in the eyes.

made the disastrous decision after witnessing Lear, Earl of Kent boldly open in court without fear of King Lear, said: "you do something wrong." King Lear is how to deal with his most loyal ministers? He gave him 5 days to pack, self exile. In the history of personnel management, this may be the most cruel way off. At that time, King Lear felt hitherto unknown. I think if I were in his position, also will be emotional and make reckless decision. Kent wanted to stop the old king doing stupid things, itself is not wrong. However, he should publicly contradict and Lear? He can take a more effective way? Perhaps he should wait until next after the reign of King Lear to separate voice.

as a trusted assistant to the leadership job is prick correction. As a leader, if his intellectual virtues words, try to find a good assistant to each other: if you don’t have to try to find the financial master, a loyal chief financial officer; if you love doing business, rather than the public, then find a special agent responsible for public affairs.

in my side has outspoken assistant like Kent, fortunately, I don’t have their fried squid. When I first came to pass Mark company, the company from top to bottom filled with a common decadent wind power struggles, friction constantly, more personnel than work available. My job is to solve these issues in a calm and professional manner. At the beginning, I used to say "how you used to staff.

project has put money in Wangzhuan station, the station had a period of time to recommend others to join. It seems that one of my friends has thrown some money in. Here to those who have been misled by the site to say sorry. This also to the vast number of friends and I earn a heavy lift. There is a risk of wangzhuan. 20click, in particular, is a project that involves investing money. That is called investment making money. Such projects are seen from previous cases. Without exception, it is the beginning of good faith, but once a lot of members, the amount of investment is also very large, it will be closed. Of course not go, but the curly Lezai Le Zai all hard-earned money to go.


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learned from the Internet, the 20click operator called Tung Ching, the cheated out of the money not less than 10 million. Its claimed refund is also false, many people did not receive. 20click start payment, or it may be a member’s deposit. Because the margin is 2 times the amount of the proceeds. In this huge impact of network fraud, 20click make full use of people’s "greed" heart, through the early payment in time to cheat the amazing money. Provide support to pay Alipay in this case is always a lucky heart, for the majority of members just to appease, and did not take effective means to deal with, resulting in the scam after exposure to 20CLICK and large capital outflows, which makes us very disappointed; now the event has been clear, Alipay should stand up first it is reported, and with the public security organs to investigate the case, the majority of the members of a

4 months! ~ in the past is brought about by the painful lessons! ~20click10 months began to take the heat! ~ just a few days to reach a group of users can not imagine! ~ everybody is try holding the mentality to participate in the

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