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Content Alliance is to increase your site rankings, increase your website PV, add a rich channel to your website, and be responsible for updating for you free of charge. You only need to do is to put their two level domain name pointing server IP, so you have a rich and professional website. If the other server content alliance is fast, stable, so for you it is the perfect choice, can give them a lot of high rate of return the user, and all resources are all free!


      League site: 16388/union.html
      contact number: 020-33815653
   ;   :37637120

consulting 4754040  communication group 4:12073914

and we support 1 junior members of the system, oh, 1 / 10 junior members of the bonus waiting for you to take! If you know the more powerful webmaster to become your junior member, then your income is snowball growth,.

many Content Alliance seems to have only one and participate in the webmaster is divided into, and here is also recommended to you!

application address: http://s.union.hjsm.tom/

Content Alliance:

The advantage of

but one thing we should be aware of is that most content alliances are not made of money!!!

The purpose of the

, and we launched the alliance can be directly linked to profits, no other advertising ~ ~ as long as the profits are related to the cooperation of the site! yaorao/union/

      16388 video net is made by Guangzhou Yi network technology Co., the company engaged in the development and operation of audio-visual media products online marketing business of professional e-commerce website.16388 video network "brought together world record", its service tenet is that throughout the country.

      friends; use the Internet to facilitate the purchase of records that are not available locally. 16388, the audio and video network has integrated the records available in major cities, and has sold over one hundred thousand kinds of records for many years, covering almost all the labels of the national record companies and satisfying the customers.

 ,  ,   purchase demand, and established an online trading platform with both retail and wholesale functions. It is one of the most popular online shopping mall in china.  

  cooperation mode:     1.   sales into.
    2. monthly advertising fans, buy genuine CD required website.
      3. genuine gift dish, in the Forum free auction. Need total of more than 300 people online forum
      other 4.. if you have a more suitable way of cooperation can also contact us

lies in the League back and consumption rate, other sites can not be compared, we have the beauty of self exciting podcast content, we have a wonderful VIP video chat rooms, through the back rate free membership to increase website traffic, with high probability of upgrading VIP to create your income!

Enchanting beauty

podcast content Www.yaorao profitable alliance alliance and alliance closely together to make money!

borrows this station, a stationmaster’s prologue ~ ~

waiting for? yaorao/union/ and so on, bring you join us! We have the content, we are responsible for updating, you just want to belong to your own domain name participation, traffic and income are yours!

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