New built station value methodThis month GG payment under my payment account is K

maybe this method is a bit stupid, nothing flashy, but also requires a certain amount of time and effort. But this is what I have done in my own life. As long as I do it, I can get something for it

7, every day to write some, as long as one or two months, the PR value of the site should have 2 levels this time can be traded links to make money, but for the long-term development of the site, not to do so. At the same time, the areas that you are good at will become clear. At this time you can write some and their web site related articles, to get ADMIN5 and so easy to be reproduced in the place, plus your own web site published. After a period of time, the weight of the site will improve, traffic will be some, you can apply for and put GG advertising, as their site to make money a beginning.


6, the search data will be collected, each one according to their ability to write an original article. Can go to find information, but must be careful to write. Because you’re not just doing the web, you’re still working on other people’s problems.

4, you can hand answer and solve the problem is their own strengths, what if the answer not to come up, so the first thing to do is to read and study, can also be the commercial venture laboratory capacity training camp.

3, his answer written articles, posted on their website, and then copy the past the answer, and in reference with their own web site, which is promoting its own website, but also solve the problems of others.

at this point, the first step in building a website, "building a valuable website" has been completed.

              in the first half of the process and share the experience of "site", I mentioned my half a year out of the new site profitable way to write out to share with everyone, the following method is Business Entrepreneurship Lab after six months out of the station, may not for everyone, but as long as you have the basic writing skills of people can use this method to make a valuable website.

1, buy a domain name $10 and space $120, with as simple a program as ZBOLG architecture a web site. Don’t look down on blogs. It’s very direct. It’s simple, so it’s good for beginners to use

========== reading ==========

AdSense is paying, officials say it will pay

shows the payment of the webmaster friend gate attention, shlf1314 in large-scale title, show that the payment is all the problem of the account, is under review, no problem in the account number 28 has paid. Who has been since yesterday or show is being paid, please timely investigation of their advertising release there is no violation of rules, so as to avoid unnecessary losses, if there is K, loss of 6, 7 and two months. I have a few friends together and have 7 accounts, has three paid, display is being paid by K two that cannot be landed, received a warning message, the other two are under review payment, speculation. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to and exchange, carefully check your account. In addition, please circulate extensively to remind the webmaster who has not received the payment to pay attention to this problem. To avoid unnecessary losses. It’s hard for me to do. Worry about the flow, but also worry about money.

5, to search for related field strengths on their pages, look at the search page below the "search", what are the others find solutions to solve the look, what collect these things.

2, the first thing to understand what you are good at, or if the answer is not clear, can go to the sh419 know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Tencent and other places to see their own answers and ask what problem, what help.

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