Entrepreneurship is the only fit not the best shlf1314 Adsense was not paid after K complaint suc

a GG account in June of this year because the site does not meet the guidelines for web site management shlf1314 is disabled account, then read the topic is: shlf1314 AdSense publishers can stop in the account still can after receipt of entitlements this article wrote an e-mail to GG today actually replied.


I’m very happy, and I hope to join GG’s friends and apply for your money quickly. That’s your money.


, this year everyone is scrambling to be a boss, but do not know the boss is doing out, not wishful thinking. Dream and reality can be said to be the largest distance is the smallest distance: when you see the road ahead to go, you can put your dream into reality: when you put the wrong vein you may be empty, your dreams like a bubble blowing.


send shit money suburban.What is a good project project:

"workers edge business" – a new wealth group…

> success


last ad, my little station aiduanxin/, welcome guidance!!

reads as follows:

Hello _ please rest assured that we have cleared the remittance account back caused by payment reservation from your account, and in the end of the month to pay you. We kindly remind you that in the Western Union within 5 days of your remittance, please bring your ID card and payment control number to the Western Union remittance agency to receive the remittance. In the post, China Everbright Bank, Agricultural Bank of Chinese can receive the remittance, otherwise the money will be in 5 days after the two week retreat cut you to your account, and lead to retention. Payment if there is any problem, please reply to this message, we are very glad to serve you. Thank you for your understanding and support. Wish you all the best,

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