A part time typist; an out and out scamSpring and Autumn Annals BATJM China Mobile entrepreneurs ne

liar asking you to register on their website, must fill in the real personal information, including name, mobile phone number, bank card number, ID number and so on, according to the real liar of your information, through technical means, you can put the balance of your bank card to steal, I remember like a television last year. Taiwan also made the TV program to remind everyone be careful of online part-time typist

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in the fraud site after registration, the liar will be proposed for identification, then, will let you go to the designated website art design signature to spend money to design a signature art, as a feature of identity recognition, in fact, there are many methods of identification, did not use to do what the art of signature, liar. This is just a magic art signature website, or the website Signature Act evilly in collusion with, is fraud, their

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these five companies, the market value of all over 200 billion yuan, far beyond all other companies after the death sixth of vip is about 70000000000 yuan. Called "the spring and Autumn Annals", according to the initials referred to as BATJM. Back two years ago, the industry structure is TABLE, which know the Internet is changing, the market does not believe in tears, only the "bad" of the market — like the world’s top 500 only sales of this standard, lament.

one, group built website:

this site even though many typists, but the website template is the limited number of sets, you may wish to own more open several similar sites to see, you will find that many sites out of the name and contact information of different outside, other place is exactly the same, ha ha, in fact, these sites are the liar by building tools out, as long as the slightly modified OK, then you can send out a

who registered in the liar site to a friend’s personal information, are likely to have been a liar out to sell, and will receive a variety of advertising and harassing phone calls and SMS! This situation is very common in

? advertisement!


cheats lie only in the following ways:

do not know from what time, the emergence of a large number of part-time typist advertising on the network, we in the sh419 input and a typist for keywords, find out a lot of relevant content please see graph, the advertising content of these typist is still very attractive, the pay is high, may there are a lot of friends will be tempted, also want to register, this iron cloud forum, to remind you that this so-called typist is an out and out the scam, you have to be careful not to be cheated. Below, the Iron Cloud bar for you to reveal in detail the principles of fraud and common tricks:

two, liar cheats means secret:

now, sh419, sh419, Ali, Alibaba, Tencent, Tencent, Jingdong, Jingdong, millet, Mi is the focus of the entire Chinese internet.

of sufficient magnitude to acquire all of them in the bidding, they hired hundreds of billions of dollars, the five camps gezonglianheng volatility, cross-border and the Internet combined with breakthrough imagination…… Big picture, big events early in the political arena unheard of, in the five body is not strange.

scam! spring and Autumn Annals

information flow: cut into the transaction link is benevolent

3, art signature:

"Infernal Affairs prequel" has a very famous, very Jianghu

why don’t you ask this: why is the Alibaba made the largest Alipay? Why is the financial Jingdong made the largest congregation raised platform? Why Tencent bring WeChat in bank card binding power also greatly behind Alipay


now, the entire Chinese Internet industry is undergoing a major migration, from the desktop Internet to the mobile Internet magnificent, irreversible migration. sh419, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, millet these five giants, is engulfing the industry.

now, ready to venture investors, practitioners, and all third parties, have to think about a serious problem: in the face of mobile big change, how to find their own way of life in the five pattern of


1, stealing the applicant’s bank card balance:

of course, the liar said, signed by the money paid by them, will you pay with pay to you, ha ha, you spend money to design signature really, a liar long volume of money and run away, or cheat will use all kinds of excuses to identify your pass, and money.? absolutely will not give you back !

2, selling personal information:

around 2012, China Internet recognized only sh419, Alibaba, Tencent, the "three big mountains". Robin Li circle traffic, connecting people and information; Ma ring business chain; connect people and goods; Ma Huateng circle users; connect people and people. Three, the most powerful control, the most influential, the highest market value, the industry has been afraid to call it "BAT".

in recent years, Jingdong, millet, the rapid rise of the two largest group is the industry’s biggest phenomenon. Jingdong listed in the United States last year, the market value has exceeded 30 billion U. S. dollars. And millet turned out 3 years, with the latest round of financing calculation, the valuation has dried up to $45 billion. Lei Jun card is "person connected devices", Liu Qiangdong is also very fierce, to do a never had the authentic + logistics +IT system "Big Mac


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