2013 developers fight a life and strive to live a little betterWhy is success always someone else

, "hand travel" in 2012 there are signs of the outbreak, but if there is no intention of funding, I can not give up work, five years of units and stable income, too risky." Bangs said.

After leaving

himself Mobile Games wave after the accumulation of Liu Haicai found the job of Apple SDK and objictive-c knowledge is far from enough, before browsing the forum and visit various experts meeting to listen to the master "dry cargo" also cannot help. On the one hand, the hand travel industry is becoming more and more hot, peers continue to integrate into, and their products urgently need to be published; on the other hand, personal appeal is not enough, treatment is also no advantage, and therefore can not attract experienced IOS developers. No way, Liu can only work overtime day and night, while studying the development.

enviable annual salary treatment, bangs said put down, and this is not the courage of ordinary people.

now, outside the window, the city under the night has been snoring.

finished, bangs face slightly red. This just over 27 year old boy in Sichuan, from entering the university after the start in the field work study program, after graduation directly into the Internet giant, and a stay for 5 years. Later, I learned from his business partners his experience, but also a variety of tastes welled up in my mind.

"to tell the truth, I dare to tell my parents revealed slightly left after half a year, but this time I every month as usual to give them money." Liu said, "the home of the people think that the game is Wanwusangzhi, worthless. I can not convince them, has been lying to them, that is to do Taobao, dare not tell the truth."

when people do not understand, he knew what he was doing; when others don’t understand, he understood what he was doing; when people understand that he is rich; when people understand, he succeeded! – Li Jiacheng

        make a fortune! But many people dare not, in early 80s, a stall can make a fortune, but many people dare not. At the beginning of 90s, buy a stock to be able to make money, but many people do not believe, twenty-first Century, open a web site can make money, but a lot of people do not try, now is the age of the Internet to join Wangzhuan the song can earn thousands of month, you still want to miss?

        network has changed the pattern of wealth, shlf1314 has accumulated tens of billions of dollars in value in just a few years time, we are also in China poke a lot of gold network success stories, Yang Zhiyuan, Ma Huateng, chen…… In twenty-first Century the entrepreneurs no investment can monopolize the world wealth half of the country……

        Witkey? A new generation of cyber champions, challenge your brain power and hunt for the pioneers of online wealth. Now, a new network of jade has started, next year, Hello, also want to say, "I will not"? When tens of thousands of people into the network, ceramic gold sitting on the network wealth, you want to be a bystander in the giggle? Or are you complaining about God’s injustice? Have you ever asked yourself, "what are you doing when someone else fails and then succeeds?" Giggling? Fortunately, I failed to join him and survived the defeat? Are you still giggling when others walk from failure to success? Sigh? Regret that you didn’t act early The stupidest fool in the world is not knowing that he is free from delusion. It is foolish to know that you are free from delusion, but not to change.

        there is a famous saying: "only one time is important, that is now.". You can say " now; I won’t " but next year you want to say, "I won’t" Everything has its beginning, and now you won’t, will time help you mend it? At present, the world has not found anything out of the extreme energy Only action proves everything.

        why is success always other people? That’s because we complicate too many simple things! This complication has caused many people to miss the chance to succeed first! Let’s look at a few more examples:

     ;   1 hao123 web site home only web site on a web site directory, it sold a plus part of the stock price! Simple! Simple to large >


bangs clearly remember that his decision took place last November. His colleagues, leaders and friends were stunned when Liu plans to leave his career at the famous studio in five years. Reliable leadership, thriving new projects,

is worth it?

, Liu soon formed his own team, known for many years old alumni responsible for all the chores besides technology, they focus on the direction of technology development, positioning the company has been verified in the foreign Mobile Games card. As a result of the famous large companies have been, but also responsible for the game project, so the team was set up to get an angel fund can support for six months.

there are a few days going through 2013, iOS developers bangs stared at the front of two computer screens clueless, the desktop is a mess, a business partner from time to time to issue keyboard sound, refrigerator not far from the occasional breath. He looked at the computer screen in oneself, the decision is still at the beginning of the flashing, his thoughts are just like changing channels, and then continue their tangled days: this year hundreds of day and night of the day,

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