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technology will not change the whole world overnight, but in a small, imperceptible influence, and promote change. The Internet is so gradually people’s lives is not the same as before, at the same time, inject fresh blood for more and more traditional industries, innovative business ideas and business models become possible. Many companies have to adjust their own business models in the face of the era of innovation. How to adjust? Stick or transformation? The tide in the development of the Internet, the enterprise to create a most suitable for their own reform program: adhere to the original advantage at the same time, efforts to develop innovation, is the key to success. Tintin ddmap is such a business.

wants to rely on the Internet to make money, but also must pay ordinary people do not have the diligence. If you want to rely on the site to implement the transaction, or use the site traffic to make money, there is no hard work, do not work hard to promote, no one knows your website, so your site will never succeed. To promote their own website, we must continue to innovate, around the release of articles, mail.

              is not a formal Wangzhuan work as a time schedule every day, after a day’s work will go back home relaxed watching TV, eating dinner, wait until the end of the month to receive salary, sometimes engage in Wangzhuan is likely because of a momentary off and forgot to eat, no sleep, this is a normal thing. Many people are unable to bear this life and give up, these are also the first to engage in Wangzhuan experience, perhaps relying on the strong will survive will be better. But remember, whether you’re a trading site or a forum site, it’s a long process."

Tintin Network, formerly known as "Tintin map", was founded in 2006 in Shanghai, focusing on map services. Experienced a series of reforms, Ding Ding has now become a combination of location technology and search technology for the city people to provide accurate information service life of high-tech Internet companies to provide the service life of the local people, and focus on the development of the mobile terminal business "Ding Ding offers, at every step and stick to the original advantage and make conform to the era of innovation. At present, Tintin Network already has 9 million white-collar users, as well as more than 20000 paid merchants.

if you get to see the workers who was exposed to the weather every day, hard work a day tens of dollars, but do Wangzhuan every day to sit in the computer at home there is a large amount of harvest to par, God is unfair.

90s youth say the Internet is making money is a matter of how easy, because they are a lot of people sit at home every day on the Internet do not have to worry about food and clothing to see, free chat, go out travel shopping. Don’t go to work on time every day, tired, you can rest at any time. This is how many people think of the day, who does not envy? But who knows the bitterness of network money?

, in 2008, made a series of changes, with the initial map service turned into a local consumer service web site. In spite of the change, Tintin has always maintained its insistence on providing the best user experience, and has always ensured the security, stability and trustworthiness of the site, and the accuracy of the information search

when you really know Wangzhuan when you must not think so, because ordinary people do not have to do Wangzhuan have perseverance, if you take 24 hours a day to count, they sat down at the computer time is about 16 hours, this is not an exaggeration, this is my own experience. Because the 16 hours of the time may be customers looking for you, because you are not, and lost an opportunity in vain. Sometimes it is because of the loss of this opportunity that it has been fruitless for several days.

, vice president of Tintin Network and co-founder of Zhang Feng

At the beginning of

              the content of the site itself but also to update daily original, many sites do not have the ability to trade, because his website did not provide any valuable content for the user information, many of which are from other sites to copy, so don’t say get the trust of users, users can even see your site will never look at, this is a lazy webmaster, so sites like this probably won’t succeed.

making money online is not an easy thing, a pay, a harvest. Like my website should be >

, when choosing top-level domain name, Tintin Network team considered the global recognition, security, stability and easy search of domain name, and decided to choose internationalized domain name. In the selection of two domain names, Ding Ding network in order to facilitate the user to select the memory, "Ding Ding" the first letter of the alphabet "DD" and the word "map" English map, then there is a now familiar "ddmap". Once ddmap was on the line, it received a great deal of welcome. Before going out to use "Tintin map" inquires the map, has become 8 million Shanghai white-collar user habits. In addition to the query transfer routes, bus stations, bus lines, and driving routes and other traffic, Ding Ding network also provides local information search service, thematic map, find a house, looking for work and other series of services, which brings great convenience for people’s life.

from 2005 to date, Tintin Network has been with the development of the Internet, but still adhere to, such as the insistence of its domain name, as well as provide the best user experience.

face innovation, don’t forget to stick to

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