Blindly follow the wind on how much tax Q you payFiveStars Entrepreneurship three years to build a

Abstract: long money making, short earning money, pig’s head being slaughtered.

This is the idea behind


so, taxi, room service, home economics, moving, nails, beauty, massage, car, barber, have begun O2O. Similar to the first half of how to build a valuation of 1 billion of the company’s "news," O2O will become the main force of "the next wave of shock listed are xuemaibizhang people.

"with those tens of thousands of customer information, we can automatically put them into various types," Ho said, "then when merchants visit our system, you can see all kinds of filtered information on the home page, such as what the customer came many times, which has no risk to the customer, who is VIP >

the busy thing is still behind the listed company, and the Austrian animation has thrown 6 VR companies in one breath

then, in the various small vibration, "pen" a call and investors shouted, entrepreneurs and get together. Each VR forum have Ukraine Ukraine entrepreneurs thinking about learning transformation, each VR salon has entrepreneurs looking for investors think streams of people busily coming and going.


well, I’ve seen people who have been paying tax on IQ in the past few years. Next, I’ll say three.

FiveStars system costs $2500 a year. In return, the FiveStars will operate the CRM Customer Relationship Management system from the moment the customer becomes their member or uses their card to help businesses pull back their customers.

now has more than 5000 merchants and 4 million users to join the FiveStars system.

2. parties die

now I see the word VR is made. I have two former colleagues are now in the industry hard, one of them is in my guide what, precisely, misleading into this business.

"if you cross the street, came to the local coffee shop, ask them," Hi, how many customers do you have? Each customer average spend much money? "They won’t tell you," Ho explains. "Basically, it’s a blank look. FiveStars was created to solve the problem."

many big companies have that kind of loyalty management program, but for couples, they don’t have anything like that,

White clouds change into grey dogs.

"we can put the business of all the customers into the CRM system," Ho explained, "our service basically is to collect all the information for businesses to provide price returns for customers who join the system, such as points or other material rewards."

, "Fortune 500 companies spend tens of billions of dollars a year to increase user turnover," Ho said. "Small and medium enterprises in this regard is simply blank, we would like to popularize this technology, and even make some technical innovations.".

but pushing forward for three years, he did not dare to say so, the entire venture capital circle dare not, because at that time O2O is the real air outlet industry.

in fact, O2O entrepreneurs are still lucky, after all, the scenery has been a year or two. And VR industry from full swing to fall into the freezing point, only half a year, really can be described as square death.

in fact, tuyere theory is a chewed up topic, also can saying clearly: real people have found the air muffled fortune to go, who is free and you. It’s a long and minute statement.

, "if there’s something in the next five to ten years that can subvert the global entertainment industry like Uber’s subversion of the global taxi industry, I think it’s VR."." By the end of 2015, a famous investor named VR drums and drums.

these days, venture capital circle has an article about 2017 tuyere forecast, relatively fire.

"don’t talk about O2O, I hurt myself."." Recently, when talking to an investor about O2O’s past, the other said.

, a software company that has been established for three years, allows customers to register as their members at checkout. As soon as you become a member, discounts or privileges are available, and FiveStarts automatically tracks and provides service and advice for users. Businesses only need to help customers lose information, and give a discount, FiveStarts will put the remaining things are arranged.

FiveStars, a Silicon Valley start-up company, they use specialized analysis software and large data for those small businesses can improve customer loyalty program, FiveStars founder Victor Ho told us his idea.

thought, at first, many people just knew that the word "O2O" was not zero – two – zero. A few months later, O2O has become a business essential label: do not pull O2O, are embarrassed to say that he is engaged in entrepreneurship. A well-known angel investors also shouted only vote O2O, there is no mention of O2O, there will be removed from the worries.

however, a year later, as the capital winter hit, nearly 1000 enterprises closed down. The O2O tag will become an object of hatred, entrepreneurs no longer dare to mention, as investors shun.

"if you know more about it, then I’d like to tell you that every merchant has 850 members."." Ho simply calculated, "this number is very important to us, because it allows those businesses to judge the value of our system."."

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