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March 2010, NetEase, deputy editor of the news spread quietly left side of salmon in the NetEase, we are guessing the side of salmon where. But colleagues did not think of is, after more than a month, when they see the side of salmon again, he is Beijing Mdt InfoTech Ltd CEO snowball.

then is the promotion, in fact there is no prior to the operation of a truly independent operation of the site, so at the time of the operation basically all read some knowledge of SEO, then download the video to see, finally know what is called the title, description, and how to modify these things, some of the basic internal modify is completed, in the mining, this is very important, a new SEO must choose a cold.

: first before every day with the domain name, web site dealing, but really want me to go to the domain of anything, but I do not know how to operate, the first to register a domain name, domain name management, including the binding domain, sub domain, analytical, really have a lot to learn, if not after website problems, I really do not know how to resolve, how to bind the domain name, pingIP and so on a series of problems have come out, at least now I understand how to manage their own domain name, this is the most basic, but also to learn the space to solve the problem of the domain name is! After all, in the choice of space time that is very troublesome, because the domestic space is required to use the record, so the first is the trouble, but also, so I bought a Hongkong space, including space WEB Database space management, backup, and so on, and now you can do it yourself, so still very lucky!


financial weekly trainee reporter Yuan Panfeng / text


power for leaving the business, often side of salmon is interpreted as "anxiety" caused by the long-standing anxiety.

The development and influence of the and Shen Napeng

in less than a year after the investment, Xue Manzi, Shen Napeng to snowball finance inject 20 million yuan.

! But

"life is like a snowball, and the most important thing is to find the wet snow and the long slope."." The snowball finance website, with a side of salmon Warren · Buffett, tells the story of snowball finance with the name origin, while the side of salmon prefer to be interpreted as "by Buffett is a snowball’s name".

!The second is

when it was founded, the company had only two people, Liang Liang and i." Fang recalls. Liang Jian Fang Sanwen at NetEase colleagues, left side of salmon, Liang Jian is one of the few known side of salmon "business plan" friends, and he is snowball finance’s first website – I stocks launched capable captain, chief editor of I stocks now as a beam sword, vice president of snowball finance the.

technology with the side of salmon

actually I do Taobao off time is not long, but from which I really learn a lot of things, whether it is on the network’s understanding and operation, and development have a great impact! I do Taobao off is found with one of my colleagues have had the opportunity to chat, Yu Shima started

Zhongguancun SOHO building on the third floor of the cafe is a place frequented by Fang Sanwen, he often invite friends here to chat about the customer, while drinking coffee while doing interviews, this research takes stock and customer demand. Here, the reporter saw a student dressed in the red side of salmon, outdoor jacket, light blue jeans, brown shoes, a pair of climbing is not shiny glasses, which did not hide the entrepreneurs with the wise, but the wise side of salmon to himself all the time it is difficult to eliminate "anxiety".

: making a little more important is the website, this is difficult for me, because I don’t understand the code, but there’s one thing I know, there are a lot of open source program online, only need to take over a simple modification can be used, after a few days in the online screening and the advice of friends, I finally find some dedecms system on the Internet, this system is so simple, only need to install on your server on the OK, and the backstage operation is very simple, as long as a fool, at times you can operate, very keen on this system. But in the operation of the process, I also learned how to operate FTP software, website will be uploaded to the server, or downloaded from the server, it makes me very happy, although know these things, but not really go to the operation, the website program together, and then through a simple modification of the website, the website you can go online.

is not only the "snowball snowball finance" of the head, snowball finance since its inception in April 2010 as Buffett’s snowball rolling up, and gradually become larger. On line I stocks information website, then snowball finance called "snowball" investors and social networks, the day before the introduction of iPhone, Android client. Side of salmon has to do is to create a user with 10 million stock exchange platform.


was invested by

in 1997, graduated from Peking University Department of Chinese side of salmon, entered the southern weekend as editor. "Because I want to know what the reader thinks about the manuscript, I have access to the Internet and find that the media form of the BBS forum is very good, and my anxiety is too."

Internet, a large number of real driving online entrepreneurs, whether it is Taobao or retail, online mall, advertising or other, are applied to the Internet has great relevance, so a lot of people really are online and a Wangzhuan industry, today to share with you my Taobao customer experience

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