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the biggest difference, not from the extension of the Internet, but because the mobile Internet will actually produce subversion of traditional industries, PC provides more mouse plus cement, but the mobile Internet mobile phone is to subvert the water mud. Millet is a typical example, when ray always do millet, countless people laugh, a person who has not made a mobile phone is bragging. This is the curtain that the industry just opened.

2. generalized O2O, online and offline connection, previously PC is a mouse plus cement, and now mobile is mobile phone plus cement, you need to do offline work, like public comment.

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, this is a huge impact of mobile Internet on traditional industries.

1. games, in the mobile Internet, first of all, to find the field of business models outbreak.

As for the

mobile Internet, it should be said that all people have the opportunity to speak in many forums, BAT, each era has its BAT, but can not stop the birth of a new great company, this perspective, all entrepreneurs have a great opportunity.


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Fu Sheng: mobile phones to cement the field will breed even greater opportunities, the company

in addition, in the range of existing platform, including Mobile Games and electricity supplier, I think it is the good platform supplement, but in the emerging field of mobile phone field will cement annexation generate more opportunities and bigger companies.

if you are migrant workers, you have to accept, but I say open site flow is also not much better than migrant workers, the same is to do the wedding dress for others, what do website flow is to make money. But how much money do, update the website every day hard is to optimize the website, web site traffic and then pull to advertising, for your success, website advertising, but the others are working. Why other people want to put ads on your website, not because his income is greater than the cost of hanging on your site. So, your website is also pulling ads, for others to do the wedding dress. If all the advertising is OK, there are some garbage station, traffic is low, advertisers are not even the ads on your site, you build the station as well as the significance of

when I was taking a taxi, I was thinking that if the government had limited taxi licences, they could climb down the taxi company. If it is not limited to the telecommunications license, WeChat will become the largest operator, from this angle to think, in fact, the future of mobile Internet is very broad.


3. big platform type, like Taobao, sh419, Tencent big platform, in the above we can do some application development.

Wangzhuan most of the industry is poor, why, why do Wangzhuan physical work in the minority, there are a lot of people rely on search engines, think Wangzhuan is a very simple thing, to make money in the search engine to search, to make money online. What is found out, make money, do click on the registration to make money, make money and so on, can not be denied, that is to make money, but earn money is hard, but could you do a month even computer electricity is not enough, a little good people may have a few packs of cigarettes, which is paid out and this is not proportional, the vast majority of people do wangzhuan. This is equivalent to the actual migrant workers, the most difficult treatment is not good.

network industry, as in reality, is also a form of Pyramid, maybe Pyramid is still high, more narrow. In the network of physical activity is equivalent to the reality of the migrant workers, the establishment of the webmaster is equivalent to the reality of the primary service, these are not earn money, if you want to make money, must be your own boss, but when is the need to invest in the boss, you don’t have enough money to invest, then what to do what.

Roundtable forum webmaster General Assembly held in May 11th, and the new generation of veterans are from entrepreneurial forefront, share experiences and insights they start on the road, in their eyes, the Internet and mobile Internet business opportunities where is


search CEO Chen Pei: ordinary entrepreneurs to do really believe and love the things

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan: Games, generalized O2O, large platform

In fact, the mobile Internet and the PC Internet

only in this way can you really make a lot of money and not be a real migrant worker. Is the only way you’re the Wangzhuan master, achieve the purpose of making money through a series of means, rather than a month of hard hits, mail promotion, a month to calculate, earn tens of dollars, or simply do not get paid, so wasted.

this is recommended to you, network marketing. You can get the service to sell goods, to sell, you do not need to engage in the promotion of hard, if you sell slimming medicine, very simple, direct money to buy keywords in the search engine, if you buy keywords is how to lose weight, a user directly into your website, such a high turnover rate, high profit. SEO can be optimized, let your keywords in the search engine on the front, a few users before you, so you have no business. Create a group on your site and display it on your home page so that more people join the group to discuss your web site’s services.

from a small case began to speak: Hangzhou micro team, as long as the attention of their WeChat and micro-blog WeChat group can be scheduled, they share tasks, each person according to their own way out of the bus arrangement. The driver said that in this way, more than one to two hundred per day, less ran a lot of empty cars.

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