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so, we have to ask a question, why sh419 would choose to bet on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is just because it is after the fire, sh419 AI winds the so-called "mouth"

new competitiveness network marketing management consultant review the past year domestic network marketing major events, summed up in 2006 affect China network marketing ten major events:


sh419 in the accumulation of these traffic process, and gradually began to consider these traffic realized, at this time, sh419 pulled into the third side, advertisers. Advertising is a standard way of generating value through traffic, and seeking advertisers to pay for this value of a business model. The internal flow of data platform sh419 Phoenix Nest self built data management platform and external flow WebUnion, a set of advertising platform, sh419 in the advertising mode to create a huge commercial value.

two, taobao referendum, "fee for service
2006 felicitous wish of making money" died in May 10th of that year, taobao launched lasted six months and developed service charges, "the felicitous wish of making money for those willing to provide" PPC services through pay promotion to get more orders at the same time as Taobao sellers, major initiatives to increase Taobao. But "by taobao the felicitous wish of making money" tens of thousands of opposition, through the post in protest, and caused the seller strike storm. In May 31st, taobao announced a referendum "felicitous wish of making money" service or result, up to 63% of the vote against lead to "service charges felicitous wish of making money" died. C2C charges again suspense.
News: Taobao C2C Ma Huateng Ma caused difficult felicitous wish of making money dispute charges

first of all, let’s analyze carefully. What kind of company is sh419?

time into 2017, sh419 moves and news constantly, first blockbuster announced the addition of Qi Lu, President and COO, and the abolition of the entire medical department, the establishment of business secret, the acquisition of artificial Intelligent Company. This series of actions, around the beginning of the year Robin Li claimed that "sh419 will focus on the layout of artificial intelligence," that the next ten years, sh419’s focus on artificial intelligence". This type of betting, gambling or even change, for a market capitalization of more than $60 billion in science and technology enterprises is rare.

introduction: This article, we do not refer to any internal staff interview, various organization game, various political gossip information make groundless accusations tattle and prate.

in order to answer this question, we need to make a comprehensive consideration from the following aspects.

, a Alibaba to recover the integrity of

at this time, we go to look at sh419, it is actually an ordinary user, connected to a web page, the advertiser’s business platform, through subsidies to ordinary users free products to improve user traffic, then pull the advertisers into the bureau to pay. Therefore, sh419 must continue to pass through a variety of products, operations, >

three, Chinese Internet Association launched the enterprise website construction guidelines for
related news: China Internet Association launched the enterprise website construction guidelines

1. What kind of company is sh419?

sh419 as a search platform, it connects the ordinary users and web sites, users can free to search an easy job to do and want to see the website and content, and the content of these sites were retrieved through the sh419 search, search engine technology is presented to the user. This product is a typical search tool that connects both ends of the supply and demand of information. Through the operation, a large amount of search user traffic and user behavior data are formed.

four, sh419 launched the "smart price" system, PPC costs
2006 beginning in June 1st, sh419 bid ranking system changed in the past each keyword CPC starts at 3 hair, launched the "smart price" system, "by keywords starting price business keywords >

looks at what kind of company a company is, not just by what it does, but by its business model, and on which track the company makes money.

as a product manager, we completely rely on sh419’s business model, its advantages and development path and other aspects of comprehensive analysis, hoping to judge the company behind the transformation or change the secret through a logical reasoning.


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