Once the youngest general manager of Goldman Sachs Asia she gave up 10 million annual salary to joi

Luo Xu believes that the core of social products and enterprise products is necessary, after talking to some investors, they concluded: as long as the business is not related to social flat

two generations: 140 hours a week,


enterprise social collaboration field is increasingly being optimistic about the outside world and investors. In foreign markets, whether it is in the limelight of Salesforce, or 2012 listed at the end of Jive, or by Microsoft to $1 billion 200 million acquisition of Yammer, to the outside world and entrepreneurs show, this area seems to have a brilliant future. In China, many start-ups have emerged in this field, such as Ming Lu, Kingdee, and so on.

1. Yammer this kind of similar enterprise internal BBS form, there is no organizational boundaries, there is no organizational structure, the information is sent to the group inside.

mentions her, people will think of a lot of names: Liu Chuanzhi’s daughter, President of the trip, the youngest general manager of Goldman Sachs Asia, and the mother of three……

is here, I will according to the dialog related interview material are summarized as follows, for entrepreneurs in the field, and hope to stimulate discussion and thinking.

Luo Xu is CEO of science and technology. Joy is a development enterprise collaboration office software start-up team, was founded in December 2011, before I had interviewed its president Yang Bin see "Yang Bin and never go back to the media". Like Yang Bin, Luo Xu was also a media source, who was in charge of Finance in the Southern Metropolis Daily, and later participated in the creation of the Beijing news.

"we’ll talk about it in 5 hours when we talk to IDG."." Luo Xu told me so.

in 1984, Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo Group, when Liu Qing was 6 years old. With the gradual growth of Lenovo, Liu Qing began to sprout their dreams. In 1996, influenced by Bill · and Gates’s "the road to the future", Liu Qing’s greatest desire was to become a programmer. After the college entrance examination, she chose the computer department of Peking University.

2. Yammer has no traffic.

team just started, enjoy science and technology, according to Yammer built a platform for enterprise socialization. But Luo Xu found that the Yammer model was not reliable, and he thought there were two problems with the Yammer model:

, but as a "two generation", she does not have any labels associated with lenovo. And hard work, such as Liu Qing, she is a good school bully + workaholic, and even some people called her a "no failure."".

was just a summer intern, and Liu Qing had 12 interviews before getting an internship at Goldman Sachs in Hongkong. But two months internship experience led her to join the Bank of longing, she said: "the bank allows you to quickly understand the business community is how it works, you have access to a large number of enterprises, to consider the characteristics of entrepreneurs, to determine the characteristics of the business model, to study why the success and failure enterprise."

in 2002, Liu Qing successfully graduated from Harvard University and got his master’s degree. After graduation, she decided to enter the Goldman, but it was to catch up with the Internet bubble burst, the employment situation is generally not ideal, Goldman’s recruitment quota from 30 to 6, plus the interview Goldman never strictly, but Liu Qing is not a financial professional background, the interview becomes even more difficult.

once quipped: "as long as Liu Qing is willing to have an oval face, big eyes, high color value can be like Liu Qing Chen ou, film advertising endorsement for his company." It’s a man who can rely on Yan’s worth, but he must spell his talent.

graduated from Beijing University in 2000, and Liu Qing was admitted to Harvard University to further his studies in computer science. The following summer vacation, however, an internship changed her career direction.

, but unlike most of the two – generation "rich two generation" born with golden spoons, Liu Qing did not enter Lenovo after graduation. Liu Chuanzhi in the group made the children can not enter the association rules, Liu Qing thoroughly broken the "free riding" approach.

Yammer is not reliable: with social platform business never mind are crap

Luo Xu told me about enterprise collaboration, and they wanted it. So, every time I asked him questions and reached conclusions, Luo Xu would talk.


‘s technology products have undergone a transformation – from trying to be a large and whole enterprise collaboration tool and transforming into applications for small and medium sized sales teams". Forshare technology want to have a Chinese version of Yammer, but later found not reliable, this is why? Enterprise collaborative software should be able to attract more enterprises and users, to enjoy the numerous existing products down again, relatively more narrow range of sales tools, this is why

maybe this job is too attractive for Liu Qing


Abstract: as a "two generation", she does not have any label related to Lenovo group. And diligent, such as Liu Qing, she is still a good learning tyrants + workaholic. When it comes to daughters, Liu Chuanzhi once said: "over ten years, perhaps I have quit the rivers and lakes, and Liu Qing may be more and more lively.".

in more than one hour of dialogue, in addition to product and business stories which I will then separate the author, Luo Xuhua introduced me to a lot of time thinking about him and his team of enterprise collaboration platform.

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