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this morning received PR money Alliance Bank SMS tips. Look at the amount of last month the Commission figures don’t tally than
to the office, a friend asked me: is not a PR tax deduction is very serious, more than 30%. The amount of money is inconsistent with the background of a combination of

a. An advertising company accounting made money 3


2.  sb; website; 1300     


1. HNA completed the acquisition of 60% shares per day express;

did not catch cold on the elite, but at that time, many couriers, especially managers, had trouble seeing eye contact. It has two meanings: one is to express the scale effect has been great, outsiders into the Bureau of the high threshold of two is basically impassable; Express Lake water depth wave, the old drivers are afraid that the possibility of outsiders to capsize Everything is going smoothly., more things will be empty.

from the capital market in 2010 stared at the date of delivery, high education, high position, high-income "three high" elite began to flow into this industry. But the circle of the most widely circulated sentence is: even if you ten billion, it can not hit a SF or access.

" is a bit rough, it is not without reason. For example, all the way in the capital market will capsize hna. To capsize capsized, but did not hit 10 billion Hainan, therefore can only prove that express arena is indeed very deep water, and prone to The climate does not suit one. After all, really dare to come up with 100 billion hit express, litertaes.

According to a newly released

"give you 10 billion, and you can’t hit a smooth and easy"

I’m afraid not many people think, is the unknown BES and Zhou Shaoning changed many people’s cognition of FedEx, especially the capital market this pond, it is Zhou Shaoning get ready to.

of BES official involved in the field of express this acquisition, then even people with Tunxiang to describe. The name of BES logistics and Zhou Shaoning, also on the acquisition, in the delivery of a famous battle arena.

3. best logistics express acquisition.

2. Lenovo and Fosun joint investment rhyme delivery;

in the United States listed Ali prospectus and annual report disclosure of data: since 2009, Ali has repeatedly investment bes logistics total $256 million acquisition of the shares of about 22% of the best logistics. This year, rookie network investment of $165 million, won the best logistics approximately 5% of the shares.



express this circle has actually been very old-fashioned, roots are public, not what the professional knowledge, but dare, daring, dare to do, abruptly out of a China characteristic express road. Looking at the road more and more wide, some hearts of "outsiders" began to pay attention to and study of the industry, and ultimately out of control. This time point is probably from 2010 onwards, of which the most representative events have three:

Although the word "

now you may feel commonplace, but in seven years ago, but this very explosive event. Hainan Airlines, Lenovo and Fosun is the capital, directly involved in the signal delivery has been very obvious; the only unknown is the best logistics.

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