Some ideas for a foreigner to do another city website

I don’t know if it’s funny or not. A little more.

I came to this city two years ago, after a year may not, immediately leave (very possible), but because of some reasons, there are many feelings for the city, a completely personal memorial site was built last year. I know, whether now or in the future, this city is unforgettable in my life. Because of some people, some things, but also because of the city’s gorgeous and charming scenery.

but this year, I met, the more popular, then I slowly have a fond dream: to have done and some local N site competition, and the same site is not a two. For a family of local people and outsiders want to sing the scenes, the difficulty as can be imagined, especially when I leave this city, it is even more difficult, although the Internet has no boundaries, but many things are not a word can be easily solved.

this straight, not afraid of what, even when met with local rivals, I hope to get your approval, approval of a foreign competitors, maybe this is your opponent can easily stifle in the cradle. But believe me, I love this city very much, as I have written in many places on the Web: "I love Dalian and never leave.". One day, these eight words will be my eternal new life. This website ( is originated from this idea, a little emotional thoughts.

The website

TITLE has changed many times, because I listen to some SEO experts say, this is very important, determines the site in the search engine rankings, so I change ah, at present is: Dalian tourists home – Roman No. 201 Dalian tram enthusiast community. Well, it’s a long TITLE, and may even be considered cheating. The reason why I fill in this title is a few considerations: 1, "Dalian tourism" is the key word I want to do well. So it must be added. 2, the official name of the website: Roman number. This cannot be less. 3, "Dalian 201 tram enthusiasts community", which is characteristic of this site, but also the reasons for this site domain name. So I can’t bear to lose it. I am still a rookie site player, I do not know what the problem of this TITLE, please heroes pointing, I am not very grateful.

everyone who does the website wants his website to be liked by more people. Previously positioned a completely personal emotional station, the audience can imagine. But now I am faced with many great challenges. First, I am a foreigner, no matter how familiar I am to this city, I will have too much frustration compared with the local people. What’s more, the possibility of leaving the city is too great. When I’m gone, how can I maintain the publicity website? It’s also a big question mark. Second, there are powerful and large competitors in front of me. Everyone wants to take his opponent and make himself tall

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