On the road to explore how to master the depth of the community more and better profit

September 5th, the latest issue of how the community better and more profitable in China salon in HNA Jun Fu Club held as scheduled. The guests at the original 51.com capital partners including Jiafeng / Assistant Chairman Huang Shaolin Chen Hua, senior director of Alibaba, Huilongguan community network founder Liu Qiang, six monitor sky network president Raymond Lam, Bus Co President Ding Yuanli six founder Zhou Lei, CEO Wang Zi, on the top of the net gold Tongxin International Media Sales Manager Ge Zhaobin, Chinese Unicom in Shandong Province branch channel of general manager Zhang Zexuan, Granville Technology Group Limited company president office of international cooperation project manager Chen Shuyi, F group chief financial officer Shi Lei, said Vice President Wang Zuoliang, the mother of well-known e-commerce expert / street network CEO Guo Hongchi, NUCTECH deputy general manager Huang Xianglan and nearly thirty.

/ 51.com Capital Partners Jiafeng assistant chairman Huang Shaolin:

community profit model has three main types: advertising, e-commerce, virtual goods transactions. In the case of 51.com, the main profit comes from three aspects: virtual goods trading, advertising, e-commerce, including virtual goods trading is three times the advertising revenue, such as the 51.com top selling gifts, a flower of 10 yuan, 100 yuan a diamond skull, a 150 yuan, virtual goods trading, advertising electronic commerce, the three roads to walk together, at the same time, these three roads are indispensable, according to the different proportion of the site may change. For example, happy net is not so white flowers, happy net income mainly from advertising, games, etc.. Both Shi Yuzhu and Ma wanted to invest in 51.com, and their investments could change the direction of our business, games, or e-commerce. The community are doing flow down from the fall in the value of the produce flow, and realized the combination of community and e-commerce will be a problem in the community of users to have the impulse to buy the probability is very low, the resulting income does not support the website; in addition, community people do not understand what is the electronic commerce. E-commerce revenue = number of visitors * * order conversion rate of a single order amount, the three, visitors from the new and old customers visit visitors, electronic commerce is to rely on science, to take care of every detail, starting from the community is not reliable to do e-commerce, to make good deals do electronic commerce, do people in the community to do e-commerce, e-commerce is not the number of visitors to a certain number of goods, is not profitable, people have a herd mentality, community and e-commerce is to learn from each other.

Users of

51 is 19 to 23 year olds, over the age of 45 and more, 25 – 35 fewer people, because they are in the stage of life fighting no time or do not want to do this, the community should penetrate to the user’s life.

how the 51 flowers do have value? Only the virtual currency system to reinvent the wheel, integral system damage, such as 51 to control the scarcity of flowers, in addition to considering the integration of virtual goods and the actual consumption integral whether can get through



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