Behind the times and webmaster nets which is more suitable for soft text marketing

with the development of network marketing, marketing has become our webmaster friends an important promotion website, we sent to the general soft nets, the laggards, DoNews, Sina, Baidu blog blog platform. Good platform not only can bring more PV and chain to our website, but also can improve our weight more. I passed a test today, and with everyone to analyze, learn, outdated and webmaster network, that platform is more suitable for soft marketing.

a few days ago, I wrote an article: "King Wang Network: King Wang what success," the article is good or bad, this is not discussed here. After I first sent to my water dragonfly in stationmaster net space, will be recommended to the home page, and later in the forum Zatan issued a plate. Later, in the outdated information exchange area, an article was published, the effect is as follows:

, first of all, this is the case with my Wang network. Because before the graph king Wanggang on-line soon, Baidu is not included, Google only included 60 pages. After the article published, that night, Baidu suddenly included 147 pages, more rapid. Figure

power network — fabric of graph king king

and then look at the PV situation. Published the same day, that is, when the number 23, by the laggards brought PV total of 106, while the webmaster network only 58 (not counting search engines). Why stationmaster net is less than backward, so I want to estimate the friend that is behind the times is more curious, a new station appears, want to see what this station is like. Another, behind the popularity is indeed higher than the webmaster net.

second days, that is, No. 24, from the backward side of the rapid decline in the PV, only about 73, while the webmaster network not only did not decrease, but also increased a few, reaching 64. This reason, mainly because of outdated, the post too fast, no matter whether you write the article well or not. The first page is immediately replaced by the title party and the sex, or the gray humor of the water paste. But in the webmaster network, as long as it is good articles, will be jacked up, and the number of reading gradually increased.

third days, that is Christmas, the laggards dropped to more than 10, while the webmaster net only dropped slightly to 42. And, as the post in Webmaster nets constantly top, I think this brings PV is long, continuous.

the next day, I think, is a long tail, no more details.

as follows:


, this is PV, and then say the outer chain. Articles are basically published at the same time as webmasters and laggards. But an hour later, you can see in Baidu collected webmaster network, and then is outdated. Figure Wang Network – figure Wang intelligence collection expert

sum up, from the soft platform alone to see these two stations, I think webmaster nets than outdated

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