The basic condition that stationmaster should have

recently spoke with some Adsense exchange once, according to some and summarize their networks and their own, summed up the basic conditions of qualified owners should have, these days also have their own forum busy glue not, have been looking for information on how to do stand, but to do the first station of life, people do, your site will be like his condition as follows:.


technical knowledge system needed in part 1

first, understand the Internet industry, timely grasp of the industry dynamics, including the history of the Internet, today’s development and future trends!


understands the domestic market, as well as foreign developments and project developments and new organisms,

1.html language

a web site first shows you the web page, which contains text, images, audio and other information. As you all know, HTML or HTM format is the basic format of web pages, of course, HTML language is a webmaster, first of all to learn. HTML language is not difficult to learn. As a markup language, the two tags correspond to each other, and the HTML code is clear and easy to understand. Although the entire station program (including CMS, BLOG, etc.) and has been widely available, but modify the template page layout, etc., require knowledge of HTML language, so HTML will learn.

2. dynamic languages (including ASP, PHP, Java, etc.)

is a static language relative to HTML, and dynamic languages are very popular these years. Because its effect and function is far from HTML can compare. Dynamic language learning has a certain degree of difficulty, recommended to learn a programming language, VB or C language is a good choice, it is well known, C language and PHP and Java were similar, and learn the basic programming language, to learn asp and PHP is easy, because the language is interlinked, basic the algorithm is almost the same.

3. network security knowledge

now some of the old black love with website operation, you’d better learn something about the knowledge of network security, such as backstage address hiding, database library (riot is easy to go wrong, the common database connection file CONN.ASP or const.asp (MD5), the strength of the password can be a pure digital password decryption, the best with digital English plus special symbols), if you are using other people to do the entire station program, need to pay attention to this program in the hacker site whether there are loopholes exposed at any time. A few days ago phpwind and recently oblog vulnerabilities are very serious, there are loopholes must be timely fill.

second part non-technical knowledge system

1. statistics

statistics, you can use or cnzz statistical code, take 3-5 minutes every day, look at the statistical results, analysis of the main IP from which?

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