CG’s winter came like this

Ma Yun said, "the Internet is coming in winter.". I engaged in the CG industry for two years, during which also visited many CG forums, in this CG forum flooding era, can not come to a conclusion: CG site of the winter came. Please listen to me slowly.

from the day I learned 3DMAX, I knew a website called the Mars age, and then got stuck in it. There were a lot of tutorials, which were helpful for beginners. Mars does not lack on the master, but also because of its reputation, many just join the novice to run there, resulting in uneven quality of posts, high quality posts are included because of course Mars, Mars also tutorial days and months multiplying, spectacular, but can write a tutorial on so much, as long as you search can find what you want, so also created a lot of spectators. Old users do not want to show up, and new users write "help post" alone. Don’t believe you open the Mars age 3sdmax Technology Forum and flip through it to see how many posts are 0 replies. Are these posts really garbage stickers? Is it true that no one can solve the problem?. But we are used to being spectators.

ABBS is also famous, I go to this forum is not much, but the overall feeling visited several times after giving, replies with advertising links become a habit, some people fall, your traffic is large, people will stare at you, but also anti ABBS advertising the more ruthless. Two that is the CG forum mobile phone, even though they will still stand amidst the winds of change, many practitioners will flock to CG. Would like to say the following is another matter.

October 18th, the author idle, nothing to some CG forum around, and draw some data, can explain some problems:

thinking design forum, a total of 5311 themes / 172024 posts,

spotlight forum, subject: 3742, post: 46040

indoor people: total number of subjects: 34158 Posts total: 482749

The Firebird

forum, theme: 12455, post: 127413

CGFinal, subject: 43156, post: 411154

VRay Chinese network, subject: 8569 posts: 142572

3DMAX club, subject: 32035, post: 422891

totem CG, subject: 19423, post: 296714

China Art and Design Alliance, a total of 124524 themes / 564180 posts

China interior design alliance, theme: 47931 posts: 581306… …

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