What does stationmaster use to hold to one’s own belief

what is the point of view of the webmaster, the individual who makes multiple pages, constitutes a certain amount of information, can meet the needs of a particular group of websites, and makes it

benefits more people. Such a man can be called a station master.

is saying: "where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.". As a TV series, which has a distinct "good" and "bad guys", with dignitaries also

has civilians.

however, the pyramidal social structure can also be translated to the webmaster community. The top is always just a minority or a minority. May 90% owners, not fame and fortune, or one can realize, so, how do we insist on your faith?

I think we need to plan our goals from the following points:

one, choose website type, do station before, want to analyse market demand, at present those websites can be conditional change into profit. Such as real estate, talent, decoration, building materials, online shops and so on. A good site type, even if the market downturn, there are potential opportunities for wood yuchun.

two, do website planning, have a good theme, does not mean that you can succeed, from the first day of the station, you will have to set their own tasks, plan, division, locking customers, otherwise, the Yangtze River may bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach.

three, to strengthen technical factors, the structure and function of the website can be optimized in practice, closer to the user’s needs. At the same time, can be opened with similar sites distance, beyond that is to let the same industry can not imitate.

four, do a good job update, and actively communicate with customers, everything is possible!


get through the winter small way:

1, do Baidu search code, GG advertising code, one thousand IP web site, an estimated income of $200 a year.

two, and do some small business cooperation with the merchant, make some points, such as wedding photography, personalized T-shirt printing, etc..

three, conditional selling point advertising revenue.

four, sell links.

five, undertake some enterprise website.

six, strengthening cooperation with other local websites.

so, what does the stationmaster insist on? Stick to your beliefs with tangible benefits and visible substances. That is, the network can make money, I have to devote my feet on the ground, I have to honest and reliable, and the music I have, I have to bushebunao…………

webmaster what to insist on your faith? Heart, only the heart wide lapel, no distraction, success will diligently strive after, we are much closer to.

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