Zhu Zerong Master of training survey website flawed knowledge index

recently, a survey of stationmaster net webmaster site training, according to the poll results, webmaster choose more training needs: SEO training, training, money making website alliance network marketing training, soft writing training, dedecms training, service station. The system for safety training, PHP training, div+css training, Photoshop language drawing training, master introductory training etc.. Fewer choices are: Flash animation training, ASP language training, asp.net training, JSP language training, mobile easy station training, etc.. Not included in the training survey project, the independent training needs are: art training, website training, production site icons, LOGO, website positioning, etc..

founder Zhu Zerong Zhuo Classroom: from the training of the survey results, our webmaster is very exuberant period of knowledge learning needs, which itself is very good, but the training survey also reflects some concentrated and prominent problems, reflects the large obstacles exist in the popularization of knowledge of website, this is the future need to accelerate an important link for the renewal of knowledge and.

features: generally looking for website development, the demand for technology is less and less. With the growing maturity of Internet technology, Internet technology and application development gradually separation, a small part of specialized technical personnel to focus on establishment of mature technology, and a large of people become technical users, their pursuit of technology will become less and less, as long as the master of technology, simple modification can be set, and art in the future, separation technology development and the future users of the website is more obvious. Instead, get rid of the confusion technology stationmaster, gradually play a role more specialized website operators, need to flow, sales, organization and management of the website will greatly increase, they will develop itself with more time to focus on the site.

: a mishap technology development and training, do not attach importance to novice guide strategy. The first production site for beginners, still disturbed by technical knowledge, still in the Internet, there are tens of thousands of people who want to become every day, want to have their own website, but because of the lack of understanding of knowledge to entry site. Especially for self learners, there is a lack of effective guidance in the face of complicated website knowledge and where to start without knowing where to start. We used in the development of personal homepage space is aware of this problem, such as more than 80% of the personal homepage space registration, apply for the account disappeared, the reason is that they face column selection too many do not know what to do in the first step, so we to the user interface has been adjusted to import. After the user enters the registration is complete, the system automatically led him to begin the operation, the first step, the second step, write the name of the site, upload logos, the third step, the establishment of the column…… The new user according to a step by step procedure to go down to the sixth step, he saw a complete way of personal home page, so after the adjustment, 90% users can go to this step, an initial prototype of his own website, you can see, has greatly enhanced the novice site of interest. For technology developers, >

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