Grass roots you can not do this line quick revision


estimates that there will be a lot of friends, when I see this topic, want to find out who I am, and then the flat of my meal? Oh, oh the first statement, but also grassroots, but why they still put yourself down? But this article firmly not the title of the party, I hope you can put the heat and dissatisfaction with you, then I will rely on the data research on their practical experience and a large three steps to explain your question:


all right, let’s get down to business, in case we get flattened,

in the Internet sector, there are three mountains, the four major portals, and countless giants from all walks of life around us. Baidu’s powerful, as everyone knows, every day over 5 billion search requests, but in recent years it is the acquisition of a number of popular business; a search term, sometimes before the two page is for the product, then the third page is Baidu’s own products: know, Wikipedia, Post Bar; then the SEO rankings? The huge flow of Ali also is not to say, now estimated to have capital and can only touch the Ali Tencent, plus a few days Tencent shares of Jingdong, a new generation of war will be sounded. Some people say that the e-commerce market is a foregone conclusion, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believe. This is not afraid of difficulties, not improperly belittle oneself, but only because you’re not fit for the grassroots, "industry"! Maybe you technology is very powerful, perhaps you are lucky, you may have the money to bid, but this is not the key, the key is an industry which do! If you say I love you so shell companies, is a new map, a map to enjoy the fun, then, he. Well, in that case, I have nothing to say. Here I want to talk about the network as a future job, to have long-term interests of a class of people. And this grassroots, you really do not fit this "line"! Quickly revised it!



then, which line is not suitable? I think there are several industries: local forums, vertical websites, portals and so on. See these few can not do, is not very doubt, why? First talk about some data, for now, many of the grassroots are basically engaged in these industries. Of course, enterprise companies are excluded. Indeed, in these industries, is a successful precedent, such as 123 navigation, such as Master Wang Cai Yongsheng, for example, Xiamen fish nets, Hangzhou 19 Building and so on, they are successful, but does not mean it is now successfully! Because, grassroots, or level of the pen that roots! Should be divided into three levels:

1, the popular grassroots, this kind of person is the bottom of the webmaster, built a forum, portal, a person silently bear is not very high but not low server costs, online all day outside the chain of countless, but the site is still not improved, in general, example: Luohe business net. What’s more, this kind of website is embarrassed unless there is a big chance otherwise……

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