f you don’t do women’s edition how do you think about Linglong to face 100 million urban women

some people say that it is the female version of the known, but exquisite "to ask me" is the initiative to share the topic, in view of its founder, with quality content accumulation, the formation of a women’s interest in the content pool, and this is their barriers.


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, a group of girls together each one airs his own views in the community network, to ensure the quality of the views of the community, and in accordance with the founding fathers set values, is not an easy thing, and this is the female interest community "new line of exquisite Salon" target.

what do you think about frozen egg surgery for women? I went to Yulin dog Festival and chatted with dog sellers and animal protectors"…… That’s what the participants in the women’s mobile community are talking about recently.

is sleepy and occasionally goes to these questions for discussion. She is the founder of this product, and most of these issues are within her range of interest. After leaving the post of deputy editor in chief of the Chinese language network of China, spent the first half of the year building the women’s community.

traditional media has been shocked by new media in 2014. Sleepy from the first job "Sanlian Life Weekly" to leave a job in this industry before, all belong to the broad sense of "traditional media" — a single media unit, hired a group of professional editors and contributors have written production, usually updated daily dozens of articles is the peak of this mode of production. When stretched, from the media to the public, as the representative of the rise of WeChat, tens of thousands of non professional content producers began the content of the report that "dozens of articles" quickly spread, "like to throw a few shells like the sea," said sleepy.

eventually led her to decide to leave the fuse is blocked by New York Times Chinese network as everyone knows why I want to see if there is no solution to what I encountered in media production in these "bad"." She says.

she decided to do a public production content of the product, named "exquisite Salon" – the traditional kind in a living room or a public space, we have a boundary of the topic comment contribution to the knowledge of the form of salon moved online, inviting users to the community to discuss issues.

in financing to start-up capital to risk investment institutions IDG and cre, team, polished product, half a year after the present in front of the user of the product instead of "B2C" media production mode into "C2C" path.

in exquisite salon, there is a scene called to ask me, "that is an opinion leader, or is particularly insightful on some questions to answer: a financial planner has launched a" too many of your questions, but why can’t save money "salon another wedding dress designer, in a" on the wedding, ask me "under the salon to answer all kinds of questions, as well as the financial women a Wall Street answer about the" New York boutique and philosophy > discount

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