How to calculate a suitable post

pondered, or by the appropriate vocabulary, qualified, complete and appropriate, feel a little things, first of all, according to the contents of this post on the forum, according to two principles eight. According to different sections, 28 bias selection is different, such as second-hand trading area, the content must be two, some plate, not very strict requirements, such as irrigation section, 28 free is better. For the 28 principles, another text is introduced.

in the form, the title of the post should hit the nail on the head, and should be the title of the party. There is no doubt that you have to put the customer into the store before it is possible for someone to buy something. The content of the post, you want to show something, the most important logo out, such as thickening, color change. All is the default font, which gives the impression that it is average. A little need to remind is, if add color to the text, to no more than two kinds of color is appropriate. Fisherman has seen all the words are added color, thickening of the post, it seems to be a feeling, tired. Post is a meal, to taste, will sell better.

Application of

pictures. No picture, no real like, ha ha, this sentence, the webmaster all know. If your BBS style is widescreen (automatically adapt to screen size), if the network is fast enough, the picture is big, it doesn’t matter. This big picture is usually landscapes, pictures, beauties, pictures and so on. The world is changing, to look at the computer market, now seems the smallest screen is 19 inches, if the forum style is adaptive, when users browse to your BBS, head like a rattle. Go to the DZ official website to see, most of the style is narrow screen, that is, fixed size. If a party, activities, items such as pictures, the content can be displayed, first of all to take care of the speed, 3 seconds to open, the mouse a shake, the page was shut, I used 500*375, if 400*300 is a close-up. If it is active, the picture can be appropriate PS, add text and circles, depending on the circumstances.

even if the above is well done, it is not a suitable post. Here, only half finished, and even can be said to be a little. When browsing the forums BBS post list, popular posts are always read by many people. One of the most important posts for popular posts is the response, which is always a priority. We send a message, hope others see, hope others reply. There is a word called "demonstration effect". I call it "driving effect". You want someone to respond and respond first. The depth, level, and number of replies to the reply.

individual feel, send a suitable post, at least to meet the above conditions, welcome to do BBS operation friend add group discussion: 71175541

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