Analysis of profit points and operation steps of local life gateway

local life portal from the beginning is to let everyone regardless of personal danger, do not say anything else, we sometimes need these information, where the discount ah! Where to engage in activities where cheap ah, opened, which supermarket anniversary send toothbrush paste pull. Feel old saying, no one will say you do not do things, should say that there will be market demand, there will be market returns. But on the contrary, through my years of understanding of some large life portals and local life stations, few have really succeeded.

take the big say: comment on the network, work network, reputation, are the life of the door bar, big, why the last thing left stranded,


I summarize the problem is that these stations above information we are not interested in

, why?

is not practical ah, those big discount hotel restaurant had anything to do with our young people? Besides, now the dinner and not to pick their own place, now the choice of opportunities ah, not just a few storefront businesses. Therefore, information asymmetry is the real reason for these big doors to promote. So in recent years, there are many senior people shouting: "small station members, do your local station, promising, and later will be based on your home to create a legend of the legend years.". I faint, I don’t like to do I based on the local allied forces engage in aggression ah, must do the local market, but there are many owners do not agree with me, a local station a day to 100 months of visits, the national lottery, so city one day less to say there are thousands of visits.

then a good promotion should be no less than 10000 IP, yes, I believe this number, but you want the IP to have what use? In order to hang Google advertising and advertising alliance? You still don’t think so, by means of flow fooled users who will use the Baidu and Google to punish it, of course, no one would be. What do you do? Many webmasters actually do the forum, and then go to the portal, in fact, this is a good way. It’s quick and easy to do.

Why does

say forums can be done,


is nothing more than a few like-minded friends above Hu Kan in every day, many people engage in activities, one hundred big twenty. We are not here to discuss what to do good, now back to the topic, so good as well, as life is certainly good? I have said above, the benefits of the forum is an example to illustrate the importance of interactive website. You must be a good place to interact with each other. Another point is the use of business resources for their own depth of excavation resources. I said, "you’re absolutely rich and you have food to eat.".

below as an example:

uses an open source, life portal, open source code, build a local station, and if you have money, open an advertising studio. You can open it, run the contract clients, and advertise

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